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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Prevention of Corruption” Complete Essay for Class 10, 12 and Graduate Students Exam.

Prevention of Corruption

The evil of Corruption seems to have an age-old history. The history of India itself is an example, of how the rulers of India were bribed and it was due to the weak and corrupt character of the rulers that India remained under the rule of the British’ for more than 100 years. The British had gone but left corruption behind, of which India is still a slave. In Independent India, high levels of corruption in public life exist along with equally high levels of mass poverty, illiteracy, and underdevelopment.

In India, corruption has affected every walk of life. Be it the sphere of education or health services or revenue generation or administration of justice, without corruption there is no function: In public offices, from a clerk to the main officiating person, everyone has to be fed for getting the work done, in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, India ranked 72 in 2001. 73 in 2002 and 83 in 2003. Hence, India is among those countries where the corruption levels are very high.

The progress of any country depends on the quality of governance and the productivity of its operations Corruption leads to sacrificing of social interests for private gains. Thus, it affects the quality and productivity of the government.


Meaning of Corruption:

What do we understand by Corruption? Corruption is a lack of integrity. It is the abuse of trust in the interest of private gain. The level at which Corruption exists in a society depends upon three factors. There are:

  • the individual sense of values
  • the values cherished by the society and
  • the system of governance


Forms of Political Corruption

All forms of government are susceptible to political corruption. Political corruption has many forms i.e. it includes.



It takes two to create corruption i.e. giver and taker of bribe.



refer to favoring supporters for example with government employment. In non-democratic countries, top government officials are often selected for loyalty rather than ability. They may be selected from a particular ethnic group, party, class, or even tribe that supports the regime for such favors.



Favoring personal friends. The most extreme example is when the entire state is inherited, as in North Korea or Syria.



Is the act of a politician personally benefiting from public funds in a way other than prescribed by the law.

It is not an easy job to root out corruption from public life. It needs a concerted and determined effort that has to come from the government as well as from the public. A good shot of law in this sphere has come with the passing of the ‘Right to Information Act, 2005, which has enabled the public to seek information in public matters. This right will help in controlling corruption. It has given speedy machinery to the citizens to know what is happening where. In this way, the people of India by questioning the government can keep a record as to where the money sanctioned for public purposes has been utilized. Hence this public scrutiny would keep a check on the corrupt practices of the public officials. The more transparency in a system, the lesser the corruption would be.

At the same time, it is required that the public should not involve in the activities that promote corruption. As giving and taking bribes; both are an offense, so to remove corruption the first step has to be taken by the public.


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