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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “Release of Burmese Leader Suu Kyi” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

Release of Burmese Leader Suu Kyi


Daw (Aung Sun) Suu Kyi, the iron lady of Myanmar (Burma) was born on June 19, 1946. She is the daughter of General Aung San, Burma’s independence hero and founding father. She was educated in Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. Later, she went to Oxford for further studies. She has a charismatic personality. She is endowed with all the qualities of head and heart. She has authored the book titled ‘Freedom from Fear.

Burma had become independent from the British rule in 1948. As a democratic country it was one of the leading economically developed countries. Her democratic set up was demolished in 1962. General Bin, the military dictator captured power in Myanmar then. He sought help from China and severed all diplomatic relations with all the countries of the world. Thus he led the country to a state of bankruptcy. Military served as traffic police. The fear psychosis permeated everyone. The local industries ran aground. Almost everything had to be imported. Curfew was imposed every night. The people suffered from a typical oriental immobility and were robbed of their freedom of speech and action.

The public got disgusted with the ruthless totalitarian regime and revolted. The students of Myanmar launched their campaign against their military dictators. General Bin abandoned his power with a view to reinstating democracy and pacifying the stormy agitation of the people. Thereupon, the Army Chief General Sau Maon grabbed power and declared elections to take place in 1990. On August 4, 1988, the military government rained bullets on the non-violent demonstrators on the roads of Rangoon. Three thousand people lost their lives in it. All these heinous activities of the government urged the self-sacrificing Suu Kyi to lead the opposing party. The National League for Democracy was formed under her leadership in 1988. Suu’s popularity unnerved the military government. Unluckily, the huge pro-democracy demonstration was violently suppressed. Thereupon she was interned by Junta on July 20, 1989 without assigning any reason. She was arrested under the Act of 1975 which comprises the provision to arrest anybody in the interest of the national welfare and security from disintegrating elements. She was alleged with the crime of endangering the state’s sovereignty and security. Under the Act, the period of detention can be prolonged up to five years after every six months. Suu’s first year of ‘house-arrest’ was considered as the period of legal arrest. Therefore, her actual house-arrest started on July 20, 1990.

In the past Suu had been attacked for being married to a foreigner. In April, 1995 her husband, Michael Ari, an Oxford Professor and specialist on Tibet was denied a visa to visit her.

Suu’s party won 400 out of 485 seats in the parliamentary general elections held under bayonets in May, 1990. It is a pity that the Burmese military rulers refused to recognise the league’s 1990 victory. She was honoured with Nobel Peace Prize for 1991 during the period of her house-arrest.

The Nobel Peace laureate was released on July 10, 1995 from detention. All the restrictions hitherto imposed on her activities and movements have been withdrawn by Junta in power. According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, she is free to meet anyone now.

Ms Suu, the well known human rights activist has been awarded the 1993 Jawaharlal Nehru award for International Understanding on May 8, 1995. She is the 28th recipient of the award. This honour is in recognition for her unique contribution in the promotion of international understanding, goodwill and friendship among the people of the world. Many countries of the world including India have welcomed her release. Let us hope that Myanmar would regain her national unity and liberty and the new era of democracy would dawn again.


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