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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “Problems Faced By the Teenagers Today” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

Problems Faced By the Teenagers Today

Pasting a label or even a libel of ‘frustration on the foreheads of an entire generation of people would tantamount to looking at an object with a jaundiced eye. It would be unfair and unjustified for that generation. What follows from such a coloured view is not the complete truth nor will it be an objective analysis but a partisan projection of mind.

Hopes and expectations, which are born out of the aspirations of the younger generation, are as vocal and as vibrant a reality, as the facts of the very hopes crashing like a house of cards causing an all pervasive dismay and distrust, when the present seems crushing and the future unnerving.

Teenagers – our youth in the making’ – are passing through a critical stage in their life. Their childhood not left very far behind and youth fast approaching, the teenager today is faced with problems more serious than those ‘he’ faced a few generations ago. Life was not so complicated nor conditions so chaotic as they are today. Law and order today is out of order. ‘Youth’ which is the golden period of life, of conceptual construction and creative ideas is fast deteriorating, degenerating into fuss and fury. Instead of climbing up the ladder of life, the teenager today is slipping down rung by rung and finally crashing into the cobweb of corruption.

The problems are many and of many types. We cannot afford to ignore or postpone them. The frustration of a teenaged youngster is depicted in Tagore’s ‘Home coming. If a teenager behaves like a child, he is denounced as childish and if he behaves like adults, he is considered as uppish. The poor fellow is in doldrums. He is an upcoming youth. He is uncertain about his future, having a multitude of rosy and thorny dreams, doubtful what lies in store for him. He is disillusioned living in perpetual phobia of what will he become or what he aspires to be.

The plight of the educated youth is even worse. All those committees, commissions have all the more entangled the already complicated system of education. Is he in to join the armies of the unemployed? To add insult to injury there is the most unreliable system of examinations. Rightly or wrongly the students are being duped in the most crucial period of their lives – so they believe. To complete the picture the monsters of corruption, nepotism and hollow promises and pledges continue throttling them.

There is no need to be unduly pessimistic about the problems facing the Indian youth because the proverbial ‘silver-lining’ is there. Another face of the Indian youth must not be over-looked. Family disorders, working parents, unfavourable circumstances and other such problems can all be overcome, by-passed or just brushed aside, for if our budding youngsters continue displaying their latent qualities and multi-coloured levels of creative arts, literature, science and industry and discover their potential energy. Our teen aged youngsters should give up the habit of depending upon others to help them rise. They should realise that self help is the best help. Arise, and then be up and doing!


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