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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “My Childhood” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

My Childhood

Essay No. 01

All children like places which can give them fun. They all like playing in the park, on the beach, and in the zoo, with lots of friends. Some of them are lucky because their parent spends time with them, but some of them are not. I think I belong to the lucky side. When I was a child, my parents always spent time playing with me. I remembered a lot of places where I spent valuable time with them. My favourite childhood places were zoo and park.

Winter is the best time to visit a zoo and we usually have a visit. When I was a child, my parents didn’t allow me to feed big animals. They gave me a lot of good memories. We usually bought some food like bread, cookies, and bananas. It took twenty minutes to walk to there, and from park to zoo you just have to cross the main road. There were a lot of animals, like birds, monkeys, deer, foxes, and tigers. Several times my parents took my friends and me to visit there. We tore food into small pieces and threw it to them. Even though I wasn’t tall enough to catch balls, I still enjoyed the every moment. The grass was very soft and the sky was very clear. Thus, being a child is great fun!

Essay No. 02

My Childhood

Childhood is a golden period of man’s life. It is a period when one is care free. He is a darling of his parents and also of other members of his family. Everybody looks after him and tries to keep him happy. If he falls ill, all get worried. All his wishes and desires are fulfilled. He is a center of interest and joy for one and all. When I remember my childhood, old memories begin to flash before my mind. My father had a touring job. He was away from home most of the time. We were two brothers and one sister. I was the youngest one. My mother looked after us. She supplied all my needs. She would bring new clothes and toys for me. I remember how once I fell ill. She was worried when my temperature did not come down. She remained awake all the night. Whenever our father came home from his tour, he would bring new things for us. My grandparents lived in a village. They were very fond of me. They would often visit us. They would bring candies and chocolates for me. I did not like to go to school. I was fond of playing. My childhood is gone now. Whenever I recall its memories, I feel sad and lonely.


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