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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “India Towards the 21st Century” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

India Towards the 21st Century

Since, the ages, man has moved from one state of transition to other, because he has to move with the times. The mode of transition differs from age to age. Today’s world presents an altogether changed scenario than that of the ancient times. Man has mastered the universe, with the miraculous power of science and technology. And it is often remarked that India will step into the 21st century, with its feet firmly rooted in self-dependence in the field of science and technology. Some experts, however, opine that the 21st century will have least to do with agriculture, but the progress we want, in our country, should be all round.

India is a country which has been beset with orthodoxy, superstitions and timidity, which render its people reluctant to be in tune with changing patterns of life, and the backwardness, poverty and illiteracy hinder the mobility of rural inhabitants. The spread of education and belief in the uses of technology has solved the problem to some extent, but the progress also stumbles in the environment where the deep rooted poverty is manifested by the flickering lamps in huts and hovels.

The question that arises is whether we can expect the total revolution in such an environment. Our late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi had mooted the dream of taking the country into the 21st century, with a changed set-up. According to him, the country will march into the new century – (a) free from hunger and poverty; (b) as a partner in the electronic revolution, since it has missed Industrial Revolution; (c) with remarkable standard in lives of people due to high and sophisticated technology; (d) with proper harnessing and development of vast human resources; and (e) with the goal health for all’.

When we compare the present day India, with the stagnant colonial economy of 1930’s beset with age old, poverty and feudal social structure, we notice India’s transition towards a tested and vigorous democracy. We are hopeful that the coming generation will see India marching towards the desired objectives.

Since, India’s independence, our Five Year Plans have proved a great milestone in eradicating hunger, poverty, illiteracy and depression from the country. With the advent of the 21st century, we shall have completed eight Five Year Plans and one should be hopeful of the structural transformation of economy through modernization and adoption of advanced technology.

The era of computers has ushered in India. For the advancement of computerization, computer education has been introduced at schools as well as university levels to update our educational system, which corresponds with the present day needs. The electronic revolution will, thus, be an important aspect of India’s march towards the 21st century. But it should refrain from making robots of us, i.e. the machines should be subservient to man, and not the masters.

A Monolithic ministry of human resources has been formed to invigilate this process. We are presently, at this take off stage with the New Education Policy on the anvil, in order to introduce uniform pattern of education throughout the country, so that the dormant human resources are utilized in the best possible manner.

The goal of Health for All’ has to be achieved at all costs to ensure an all round development of our country. Indians should march towards the new century, as robust and healthy creatures. We have to do away with malnutrition and disease. Every man should have adequate health and medicare. This requires the setting up of health centres in all parts of the country.

The question is whether we shall be successful in implementation of the cherished goals, in a country, marked by diversities of nature and physique. What is required is the sea change in the attitudes of people to make our march towards the 21st century. All this can be possible with the spread of education. The social evils have to be eradicated at all costs. If we are sincere, in our efforts, we can overcome all the hurdles, and enter the 21st century with dignity. It is a pity that the idea has become lope-sided on account of the death of its ambitious perpetrator.


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