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English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on “Bill Clinton” for Kids and Students for Class 8, 9, 10, Class 12 and Graduation Examination

Bill Clinton

Mr. William Jefferson Clinton was sworn in as the 42nd President of the United States of America on January 20, 1993. The swearing-in was conducted by the Chief Justice Mr. William Rehnquist. Millions of people all over the country and abroad watched the swearing-in over the globally televised ceremony. Mr. Clinton’s swearing-in was followed by administering the oath of office to Mr. Albert Gore as Vice-President.

Bill Clinton was born in the house of William Jefferson Blyth IV on August 19, 1946. He was born at Hope three months after his father’s death. He was, shortly after, left in his grand parents’ care when his mother went off to school to become a nurse.

In 1950, Clinton’s mother married Roger Clinton, a dealer in automobiles, whose name Bill later adopted. The family later moved to Hot Springs about 130 km away – northeast of Hope. It was to escape the tumult and turmoil of family life. Clinton shone brightly at School. He became a super-achiever and in the community he was a mathematics wizard and he was a leading scholar in Latin.

While at School, Clinton had a number of ambitions. But the ‘Kennedy handshake’ in the summer of 1963 decided the matter. His political ambition took shape – but many years of preparation lay ahead, beginning with college. Turning down the offer of musical scholarship to Louisiana State Clinton enrolled in the George Town University that was in Washington, D.C. That was nearest to the seat of Government – as close to it as the young man from Arkansas could get.

Clinton, like Senator J. William Fulbright from Arkansas an ardent internationalist for whom Clinton worked part-time – was opposed to Vietnam War on moral grounds. Upon graduation in 1968 with a degree in International Affairs Clinton won a prestigious Rhodes scholarship for two years’ study at Oxford, England. On returning from England in 1970, Clinton joined the Law School at Yale University where he found Hillary Rodham, also a student of law and the brightest woman in her class. They were married in 1975 and they have a daughter Chelsea. Till May 1991 Clinton saw numerous ups and downs in his life. He virtually passed through a series of victories and defeats.

In May 1991, he delivered the keynote address to the Democrats’ annual convention in Cleveland. This Cleveland speech was known as the best speech of the year and was regarded as such. After consulting with his adviser and wife, Clinton announced his candidacy in front of the State House in Little Rock, Arkansas on October 3, 1991. At last after winning a five-month primary campaigning against a formidable opponent to reckon with he was nominated for Presidency in July 1992. The major themes were change and people first.”

Since John F. Kennedy, Mr. Clinton is the youngest President, the son of Hope today heads the world’s most powerful nation. He faces many problems: stabilizing the shaky economy that has touched a new low besides the increased tension and the problems that cropped up following the collapse of the Soviet bloc.

His new Democratic Administration inherited a crashing economy with a budget deficit of three hundred billion dollars apart from a national debt of $ 4 billion. Addressing the nation, Mr. Clinton appealed to the nation to help the new generation leadership, face hard truths and take strong steps. He vowed we will not shrink from challenges nor fail to seize the opportunities.”

The American Nation and the whole world as a matter of fact has great expectations from the youngest, handsomest and the most determined and energetic President of the USA. We have every hope that our hopes will not be belied. The new President, we hope, will not carry the image of global policeman shielding himself behind the UN. In the words of Mr. Clinton himself he will do whatever he can to take a fresh look at the family of nations.


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