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English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Festival of Christmas” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Festival of Christmas

Essay No. 01

Christmas is an important festival for Christians all over the world. It is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. This winter festival is celebrated in the memory of the day on which Jesus Christ, son of God, and the saviour of mankind, came into the world. On this day there is rejoicing in the Christian world. People go to the church to attend the midnight mass and pray:

Great preparations are made for its celebrations. The houses are cleaned and white-washed. The walls of the room are decorated with different kinds of flowers, pictures, coloured flags, etc. Delicious food and special dishes are prepared on this occasion. The most notable feature of this festival is the Christmas Tree. It is in fact a small pine tree or a branch of it, which is fixed in a tub, kept in the corner of the room. This tree is decorated with finsels, coloured lights, small glass balls and birds, and candles. When these candles are lighted the Christmas tree looks very beautiful.

The exchange of gifts is another important feature of this festival. These gifts and presents consist of books, perfumes, scarves, toys, fruits, etc. They are wrapped in brightly coloured paper and placed at the foot of the Christmas tree. The family gathers around the tree and sings hymns and songs. Another attraction of this gay festival is the arrival of Santa Claus, who is dressed in a red and white gown and rides a sledge. He is a harbinger of good spirits and comes bearing gifts for all the members of the house.

The spirit of the festival induces people to do acts of kindness and charity. During the month of the festival, most people donate clothes and items of daily use to orphanages and to other needy people.

In other words in festivals like these people come close to each other and form new bonds of friendship

Essay No. 02

The Festival of Christmas

All the Christian countries around the world celebrate the festival with joy and enthusiasm. It is also called Xmas. In India too this festival is celebrated with gaiety. As India has a sizable population of Christians, the festivities of this festival are almost the same as Dusshera and Diwali. Christmas falls on the 25th of December in every year. It is the date on which the Christians believe that the Jesus Christ was born.

Houses and churches are clean and white-washed. They are decorated with flowers, banners, buntings and crosses made of wood or metal. The altar of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary are decorated with candles and flowers. A separate cradle is made or the infant Jesus in the courtyard of the church.

After the midnight Mass or prayers at the church, the Christians go to home and feast. They decorate their homes with coloured lights and a Christmas tree. At the foot of this tree they place gifts for each other. Small children hang stocking near their beds, because they believe that Santa Claus will come in the night and place gifts in it. People hold parties and dinners to celebrate this occasion. They sing Christmas hymns and Christmas carols.

This festival comes to an end amidst fun and laughter. It also teaches people the value of sacrifice and love like the Id-ul-Fitra.


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