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English Essay on “Recess Period” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

Recess Period

Freedom is loved by all. Everyone likes to be free. That is, why recess period in a school is a great relief to students as well as teachers. After working for four periods they require some rest and relaxation. As soon as the recess bell goes every one heaves a sigh of relief. The recess period fills them with renewed energy for the next four periods. It is from the beginning of the fourth period bath the students and teacher wait for the recess anxiously.

The calm and quiet atmosphere of school is broken by students’ shouts of joy. They rush out of their classes to the urinals, school gate or school canteen or to the playground with football or cricket bat in hand. Some students do justice to the refreshment packets that their mothers packed in their bags in the morning. Still some others whose homes are in the nearby areas rush to their homes to enjoy the snacks and tea. Everywhere in school compound students laugh and talk with one another joyfully either discussing about a teacher or any recent experience. So they all feel relieved from the strict discipline of the classroom.

In summer season there is great rush at the water taps and in front of the water room. Everyone is in a hurry. Sometimes one has to wait for more than half of the recess period for a glass of cold water to quench his thirst. I usually drink the water either before the recess or after the recess period.

In recess period some students visit the Library and busy themselves in newspaper or magazines of their choice. Some students are seen busy getting the books issued, others are busy returning the books. Some do their incomplete home task. Some sit down to copy the home task assigned by the teacher from the exercise books of their classmates. Some bookworms are still busy with their books even in the recess period. But I enjoy the recess period the most. I go to school canteen which is run by Students Cooperative Society, with my friends. There we all take the cold drink with a samosa. Then from canteen we go to the play-ground to play some cricket to refresh ourselves physically for the next four periods.

In recess period the teachers also relax. The staff room is over-crowded and full of noises and mingling voices of the teachers. Some of the teachers take the refreshment in the form of tea or coffee. While others are engaged in checking the notebooks of the students or gossiping or discussing politics or a recent cricket match. The teachers too enjoy the recess period like students. When the recess is over, the students go back to their class rooms. Teachers, too, go to their respective classes. Once again there is pin drop silence

The recess period comes to an end with the ringing of the call bell. All the students run to their classes. Within a few minutes the whole compound is again deserted. The teachers too, go to their respective classes and once again it is all calm and quite in the school.


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