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English Essay on “My First Day at School” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

My First Day at School

After about two months of summer vacation our school reopened on 16th of July, 15th of July being the Sunday. I got up early in the morning. I took my breakfast and left for the school. The school was to open at 9 a. m.

On the way to school, I met my friends going to school. Everyone looked cheerful. As we reached the school gate, we heard the ringing of the call bell. We first hurried to our classroom to keep our bags and then to prayer ground to attend the prayer. At the end of the prayer, our Principal welcomed all the students and addressed the boys. In his address, our Principal mentioned Wordsworth’s observation, “As a twig is bent, so the tree will grow”, in relation to tender and delicate students. He said that the minds of students are like photographic plate, whatever impressions are left on them, they retain it. So he advised us to cast the impressions which should include love of the motherland, devotion to duty, regularity and punctuality. Then at the end of his address, we all went to our classes.

On the first day, we did not have our regular studies. Most of the teachers were busy with new admissions. Moreover, the students were also not in mood to study. The students were talking about their experiences of the summer vacation. I told them that in summer vacation, I visited Ajanta Ellora and stayed in Nainital for a fortnight. In school, I found a large number of changes broken window panes had been replaced, rooms were white washed and furniture had been repaired. Everything looked new. The thing which I liked most was the water cooler, which was a great comfort to us in summer.

While we were enjoying gossiping in the class, the bell announced the beginning of the recess period. This year a new canteen was installed in the school. It was run by “Students Cooperative Society”. I went to the canteen with my friends. The tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks all were available at cheap rates. I had cold drinks and some snacks there. In the mean-time, the call bell rang and we all went back to our classes.

After the fifth period, all the students assembled in the hall. The new comers were seated on the stage. At first the Principal welcomed the new students. Some of them seemed to be very active and smart. They told about their likings and hobbies, which were admirable. In the end, the Principal welcomed the teachers. Soon the function came to an end. I returned home with the sweet and happy memories of the day.


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