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English Essay on “A Journey by Train” complete Paragraph and Speech for School, College Students, essay for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation Classes.

A Journey by Train

A journey by train is an interesting experience. In the last month of May happened to attend the marriage party of my cousin brother. My cousin brother was living at Lucknow. There is a direct train from Delhi to Lucknow. I decided to travel by “Lucknow Express”, the mail train. It being a summer season, I thought to travel by a night train, to remain in comfort in journey.

I reached the station an hour before so that I could get a comfortable seat. At first, I went to booking and stood in queue to buy the ticket. Though the queue was long. It took twenty minutes to reach to the window and buy the ticket. I hired a coolie and reached the platform. After about ten minutes the train arrived. As soon as the train came to a stop, there was a mad rush on the platform. Everyone was trying to board the train first. I was shocked to see that the train was already packed. I tried to board the train but all my efforts and attempts went unsuccessful. At last my coolie managed to throw luggage in through the window of a compartment. I too, managed to enter into the compartment through the window.

The compartment was full inside, there was hardly any place to stand. The luggage was heaped up in the passage. I felt suffocated but somehow managed to get near the window to breathe fresh air. There I stood in a corner waiting for the train to move. After about twenty minutes the train moved. I looked inside the compartment and searched for any possible seat. There wasn’t any. The upper berths were occupied by two old men. In a corner a woman was trying her hard to keep her child quiet. The child was perhaps thirsty but there was no water. I gave some water from my bottle to the woman to quench the thirst of her child.

By now train had left the platform. The lush green fields, trees groves and forests all were covered with darkness. Sometimes near or far, a flash of light was seen which whipped off like a dream because of the fastness of the train. At every station, as soon as the train stopped, more and more passengers tried to come in, but none could succeed. I had to keep myself standing all through the journey. At one of the station, I was lucky to have a cold drink seller in front of the window. I took two, to quench my thirst.

At last at 4 a.m. the train reached Lucknow. I took a sigh of relief. The platform was lit up with lights. I got down from the train. I met my cousin brother at the railway station who had come to receive me. We then both drove to his home. The memory of this journey still fills me with pain and disgust.


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