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English Essay on “Justice delayed is Justice Denied” Complete Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Justice delayed is Justice Denied

Judiciary in India is the most important institution. Its job ranges from redressing the grievances of the common man to resolve disputes between the Union and the States. It also resolves disputes between States. The judiciary is called the third pillar of Indian democracy. It is the protector of the fundamental rights of the people. The number of pending cases in courts is affecting the citizens. Hence, the proverb, `Justice delayed is justice denied’.

The Government at the center and State levels have tried to solve the problem. But the situation still remains grave. Endless arguments take place in each case. This makes a person spend more time in prison than what he had to spend in a speedy. trial. In the United States, each party gets half an hour to present its case in the Supreme Court which results in a speedy trial.

The hostile nature of witnesses, particularly in the cases relating to the rich and the mighty also adds to the problem. The majority of them withdraw’ in fear of backlash.

The administrative procedures of the judiciary are based on the Imperial Rule-of the British. There are many holidays in the courts. The result is that justice gets delayed and the common man suffers a lot. It is high time that the old style of working should be changed.

The increasing population has led to an increase in the number of cases. This has in turn increased the number of laws. Unnecessary laws should be abolished. Effective steps should be taken to check present population growth. Irresponsible political leadership also adds to the problem. The judges are given the responsibility to handle an additional burden of judicial inquiry.

Rapid advances have been made in the field of computers and the internet. The setting up of ‘e-courts’ can solve the problem which the judiciary is facing today. Under such a system a person from any part of the country would be able to file a case or submit affidavits easily. This system would help in saving time and money.

The setting up of Lok Adalats has provided relief to the common man. Transferring cases older than five years to such courts will reduce the pressure further. Other such measures should be implemented so that justice may be given without loss of time.


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