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Download Text E-Book of Information Technology (Subject Code-802) CBSE and Complete Syllabus for Examination for Class 11 and 12.

Information Technology (Sub.Code-802)
Job Role: Domestic It Helpdesk Assistant Class – 11 & 12

The present course curriculum offers an opportunity for students to understand the basics of computer software and hardware for working efficiently on computers. This course will enable students to hone skills to develop desktop-based applications etc. With the extensive demand for designers, the course aims at inculcating not only programming skills but also an understanding of graphics. Graphics in itself is a wide and very interesting area that helps in shaping the creativity of a student.

Download Text E-Book of Information Technology (Subject Code-802) CBSE Class 11 and 12 (Book Size 10.02 MB)


Download Complete Syllabus for Class 11 and 12 Students of Information Technology 802 CBSE

PREAMBLE: Computer is now affecting the energy sphere of human activity. It is instrumental in bringing revolutionary changes in the industry, scientific research, and education. This is not only the demand of time but also the demand of almost each and every subject to have an associated computer learning to equip a student with start-of-art technology to prove himself/herself a better candidate than those without computer knowledge.

COURSE OVERVIEW Domestic IT Helpdesk Assistant requires the individual to have a thorough knowledge of various technology trends. This job involves working on a computer, entering, retrieving, and sharing data He/she can assist a programmer or a database engineer. He/she can independently interact with customers. The individual should be result-oriented and should be able to demonstrate logical thinking and interpersonal skills and should be willing to work at a desk-based job. The person is responsible to maintain hardware and software systems according to company policies. Inspect, and Troubleshoot basic network, hardware, and software components.

On completion of the course, students should be able to:

 Apply effective oral and written communication skills to interact with people and customers; Identify the principal components of a computer system; Demonstrate the basic skills of using computer;

 Identify the solution for small applications in the form of computer programs

 Use the computer for the data entry process with speed and accuracy.

 Manage the database and handle queries.

 Understand basic cyber safety and security norms

 Will be able to troubleshoot the computer system



The course will equip students with skills to analyze various problems and their troubleshooting. Content of the course has been designed as such to make students capable of independently working on a desktop and be able to develop applications to handle computations of small scale and record keeping.

Students will develop the following skills:

 It will empower students with various skills required to work efficiently on a computer.

 Understand basic functional and computational units.

 Understand networking and internet concepts

 Recognize various internet devices and threats to cybersecurity.

 Skills to work efficiently with basic office tools like word, spreadsheets, presentation

 Understand the basics of databases and SQL to handle databases

 Develop programming skills in Java Through this course students will not only gain knowledge about the basics of computers but will also develop confidence in developing small applications through programming.

SCHEME OF UNITS This course is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of units meant for developing employability and vocational competencies of students of Class XI opting for skill subjects along with other educational subjects.


CLASS – XI (SESSION 2020-2021)
Total Marks: 100 (Theory-60 + Practical-40)


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