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Download Sample Question Paper Solved for Class 9 CBSE Term-1 “Information Technology (Subject Code 402)” Objective Style with Answers for Students.

CBSE Department of Skill Education
Information Technology (Subject Code 402)
Class IX
Sample Question Paper For Term -1

Max. Time Allowed: 60 Minutes (1 Hrs.)                       Max. Marks: 25

General Instructions:
1. Please read the instructions carefully
2. This Question Paper is divided into 03 sections, viz., Section A, Section B and Section C.
3. Section A is of 05 marks and has 06 questions on Employability Skills.
4. Section B is of 15 marks and has 20 questions on Subject Specific Skills.
5. Section C is of 05 marks and has 07 competency-based questions.
6. Do as per the instructions given in the respective sections.
7. Marks allotted are mentioned against each section/question.
8. All questions must be attempted in the correct order


Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills

1. Which of the following is NOT classified as nonverbal communication?
a. Signs b. Eye Contact
c. Body language d. Gestures
Ans. b. Signs


2. The means by which the message is sent is called _________.
a. Channel b. Receiver
c. Messenger d. Sender
Ans. a. Channel

3. It refers to a state of psychological tension and discomfort originating from unforeseen, difficult, confusing and challenging situations.
a. Stress Management b. Time Management
c. Personality Confidence d. Self Management
Ans. a. Stress Management

4. Realistic belief and trust of an individual in one’s own judgement, capabilities and worthiness is ________________.

a. Self-Motivation b. Over-Confidence
c. Self-Confidence d. Team Player

Ans. c. Self-Confidence


5. The elementary unit of memory is ______________.

a. Byte b. Bit
c. Nibble d. Kilo Byte

Ans. b. Bit

6. __________ means an attempt to acquire a sensitive information such as username, password, etc.

a. Spamming b. Pharming
c. Phishing d. Hacking

Ans. c. Phishing


Answer any 15 questions out of the given 20 questions
(1 x 15 = 15 marks)

7. Which of the following key move the Text cursor to the beginning of the line?
a. End b. Home
c. Insert d. Ctrl
Ans. b. Home

8. Which of the following operation will create duplication of table?
a. Deleting a table b. Copying a table
c. Moving a table d. Creating a table
Ans. b. Copying a table

9. Which tab is used to add Header in a document?
a. Insert b. Design
c. File d. Layout
Ans. a. Insert

10. ____________ bar is located at the top of the window and shows the nama of Currently opened document.
a. Menu bar b. Title bar
c. Status bar d. Navigation bar
Ans. b. Title Bar

11. ____ shortcut key is used for Undo.
a. Ctrl+C b.Ctrl+Y
c. Ctrl+X d. Ctrl+Z
Ans. d. Ctrl+Z

12. Which is NOT a type of alignment in Word Processor?
a. Left b. Justify
c. Middle d. Center
Ans. c. Middle

13. _____ refers to the facts or raw material, which are processed to get the
a. Information b. Data
c. Input d. Processed Data
Ans. b. Data

14. In the Home Row Approach, also called Horizontal Approach, all the _______ fingers of both the hands rest on Home Keys during the keyboard operation..
a. 6 b. 4
c. 8 d. 2
Ans. c. 8

15. __________ is the area where the text to be typed is displayed.
a. Text Area b. Canvas
c. Text box d. Text Panel
Ans. d. Text Panel

16. ___________ services mean performing business operations through an outside service provider.
a. BPM b. MNC
c. ISP d. BPO
Ans. d. BPO

17. ________ colour indication stand for right inputs exceeding the acceptable time frame in Rapid Typing Tutor.
a. Red b. Yellow
c. Green d. Orange
Ans. b. Yellow

18. What is the full form of LMS in context to IT ?
a. Learning Management Software

b. Learner Manufacturing Software

c. Learning Model System

d. Learning Management System
Ans. d. Learning Management System

19. A word processor helps us to look up synonyms and antonyms in the _______ option.
a. Spell Check b. Thesaurus
c. Find and Replace d. Look up Wizard
Ans. b. Thesaurus

20. The default orientation of the page is ______________ in Word processor.
a. Landscape b. Print Layout
c. Portrait d. Normal
Ans. c. Portrait

21. A ___________ is an arrangement of rows and columns.
a. table b. cell
c. range d. formatting
Ans. a. table

22. Which of the following a way of selecting a word in Word processor using mouse?
a. Single Click b. Double Click
c. Triple Click d. Scrolling
Ans. b. Double Click

23. ITeS is also called ___________ that cover the entire operations which exploit Information Technology for improving the efficiency of an organisation.
a. web-enabled services b. webpage
c. computer services d. business
Ans. a. web-enabled services

24. ‘F’ and ‘J’ are called as ______________________ keys.
a. Home b. Filter
c. Guide d. Sticky
Ans. a. Guide

25. There should be at least ___________ cm of distance between your eyes and the screen.
a. 40-50 b. 60-65
c. 90-100 d. 75-80
Ans. b. 60-65

26. The ______________ is the one which displays the result of the lessons which has been already completed.
a. Lesson Editor b. Navigation Tree
c. Statistics Window d. Result Window
Ans. c. Statistics Window



Answer any 5 questions out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

27. Mr. Rajan wants to write x2 . But when he writes this, it shows x2. Which option he should use to get 2 at its proper place?
a. Superscript b. Strikethrough
c. Subscript d. Change Case
Ans. a. Superscript

28. Rashi is an accountant. She wants to take out the printout of the balance sheet widthwise. Which option she should use to print the document so that the height of the page is less than its width?
a. Portrait b. Indent
c. Landscape d. Tab Settings
Ans. c. Landscape

29. Garima has created a document in Word Processor. She wants to give headings in bold text but her mouse is not working. Can you suggest her the shortcut key through which she can perform this task from the keyboard?
a. Ctrl+I b. Ctrl+U
c. Ctrl+B d. Ctrl+D
Ans. c. Ctrl+B

30. Dr. Akshat is a medical pratitioner. He needs to perform a surgery for his patient. For that, he is required to monitor the heartbeat of the patient. Which device would be most suitable for this purpose?
a. ECG b. MRI
c. EEG d. CAT
Ans. a. ECG

31. Himanshu is practicing to type on a notepad. By mistake, he has written a wrong spelling. Now, he wants to delete the wrongly typed word from the left side of the cursor. Which key he will use to accomplish the task?
a. Delete b. Backspace
c. Return d. Pause
Ans. b. Backspace

32. Gautam has prepared a project for his school in a Word Processor. In his document, he wants the change the all the occurrences of the word “when” to be changed to “where”. Which option of the word processor he will use to complete the task?
a. Change Case b. Orientation
c. Find and Replace d. Find
Ans. c. Find and Replace

33. Namita’s teacher asked her to practice the keystrokes of numeric keypad. She noticed that the keypad works in dual mode. Identify the key that helps in changing the mode from numeric to arrow keys:
a. Scroll Lock b. Caps Lock
c. Num Lock d. Alt Key

Ans. c. Num lock


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