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Download HPPSC Shimla Naib Tehsildar General English (Main Examination) Previous Year Question 2018 with Pdf.

Naib Tehsildar (Main Examination)-2018

General English


Time: 1.30 Hours Maximum Marks: 50

Download Naib Tehsildar Question Paper as a PDF

Note: Attempt all questions.

1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

The issue of road rage requires serious attention. Day by day, it is becoming a great concern. Call it the negligence of the government or the rashness of the drivers, the underlying fact is that at the end of the day, the common man is the one who suffers the most. The commoner driving a two-wheeler who is hit by a speeding SUV, even though the former was following the traffic rules, has nowhere to go in order to seek redressal for his grievances or his injury. A recent case in point is the accident caused by the speeding luxury car owned by a high profile personality. A family of four driving a modest Alto was hit by the over speeding car driven by the driver. It resulted in the death of the youngest child of the family and several injuries to the other family members. To add insult to injury, the famous personality posted negative comments on a famous social networking website.

Part of the problem lies with the attitude and mentality of the driver behind the steering wheel. The car is a personal vehicle and one possesses the freedom to drive it independently and at one’s own will. But one must understand that the road on which one drives is open to the public.

This blurring of the dichotomy between the public and the private leads to reckless behavior on the roads. Respect for the elderly and pedestrians, so common in countries abroad, is a thing of rarity to be found in our land. A little consideration to road rules and adoption of simple safety measures such as fastening of the seat belt, can go a long way in reducing this menace.

Questions :

(i) Why does the common man suffer grievously in instances of road rage?

(ii) How far is the attitude of the driver responsible for the road rage?

(iii) What is the solution to the problem of road rage?

(iv) Explain the expression -‘blurring of the dichotomy between the public and the private’.

(v) Give the substance of the passage in your own words.


2. Make a précis of the following passage and also suggest a suitable title:

Environmental protection and management is deservedly attracting a lot of attention these days. This is a desirable development in the face of the alarming rate of natural resources degradation, which greatly hampers their optimal utilization. When waste waters emanating from municipal sewage, industrial effluent, agriculture and land runoffs find their way either to ground water reservoirs or to other surface water sources, the quality of water is not controlled. This is because the cleansing forces of nature cannot do their job in proportion to the production of filthy matter.

According to the National Environment Engineering and Research Institute (NEERI), a staggering 70 percent of water available in the country is polluted. According to the Planning Commission : “From the Dal Lake in the North to the Chaliyar River in the South, from Damodar and Hooghly in the East to the Thane creek in the West, the picture of water pollution is uniformly gloomy” Even our large perennial rivers, like the Ganga, are today heavily polluted.”

Despite India having legislation on water pollution [The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1974) and various water pollution control boards, rivers today have become synonymous with drains and sewers. The crisis of drinking water is deepening because water resources are drying up and the lowering of ground water through over-pumping: this is compounded by the pollution of water sources.


3 The modern educational system should focus on the practical implementation of knowledge rather than on abstract theories. Give a well-reasoned answer. 10


In what ways does Indian economy impact world economy? Give a logical and well-reasoned answer. 10


4 Correct the following sentences :

(i) I prefer tea than coffee.

(ii) Since yesterday, this notebook is lying in the floor.

(iii) Susan complain that she could not find the shoes.

(iv) Rekha is my cousin sister.

(v) I recently watch a excellent movie.


5 Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :

(i) The baby has been crying…………. two hours.

(ii) The children were playing …………………… the lawn.

(iii) By half-time, the player had managed to put the ball twice ………………… the basket.


6 Fill in the blanks with the most suitable form of the verb (given in brackets) in the following sentences :3


(i) The beauty of a person ……………………. within their soul. (lie)

(ii) This project requires long-term (plan)

(iii) Madhubala…………… one of the greatest actress of her time. (is)


7 Correct the following sentences using suitable articles wherever necessary :

(i) She wanted to climb……….. Mountain with her friends.

(ii) I am expecting …………… long-term business proposal from that company

(iii) He is …………………… astronaut by profession.

(iv) The play will be beginning within hour.


8-Distinguish between the words given in each of the following pairs by using them in sentences :

(i) Wait/weight

(ii) There/their

(iii) Loose/lose

(iv) Dessert/desert

(v) Duel/dual.


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