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Consumer Complaint Letter, complete complaint letters example.

Consumer Complaint Letter

It is a traumatic experience when you buy expensive electronic equipment and it breaks down within a short span of time. It is equally harassing if the company from where you have bought the item refuses to replace it or simply keeps making excuses instead of solving the issue. Timely legal help sought at this juncture ensures that one gets justice. A letter to consumer court is then a better way to complaint against the issue.

Here is a sample of consumer complaint letter:


Mr. Tarun Bansal


Shyam Park



The President

The Consumer Redressal Forum

City Courts


24th May, 2011

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of Allahabad. On 25th April, 2011 I bought a laptop with serial no. 36729 from Messer electronics for 45000. The company gave a 1 year warranty and 6 months money back guaranty. I was told that in case of any trouble with the piece all my money will be given back to me with immediate effect or if I wish I can choose another model.

After all these clauses I have purchased the laptop but since the very first day it was troublesome for me. The processor was very slow and it was taking a lot of time even in a smallest action of copy pasting. Not only this but the hard disk also crashed and all my important data were lost.

I complaint for it and even my repeated requests for a replacement have fallen on deaf ears. I had written half a dozen letters to the Maliager of the firm. All that I got was a reassurance from them that they are looking into the matter. I have been running from pillar to post for last 8 days.

And now I am tired of it, therefore request you to kindly accept my complaint letter and file a case against the above mentioned firm. I am enclosing all the necessary documents like the cash memo, the guarantee card arid the various letters that I had written to the firms Manager, along with their replies.

I am looking for a favourable response:

Thank You


Tarun Bansal


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