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CBSE Class 12 “Economics” Subject Board Examinations Tips by Experts for the Students.

CBSE Class 12 “Economics” Subject Board Examinations Tips by Experts for the Students.



✓ Read the questions very carefully with concentration. Under line or mark the main points in the readings time of 15 minutes. Try to understand the question properly
✓ Go through the cbse sample paper with solution. This will help you to familiarise with the pattern of the question and methodologies of solving the question and instill a sense of confidence among you.
✓ Go through the syllabus thoroughly and prepare the units in accordance with the marks allotted
✓ Go through the blue print of the question paper given by cbse and you can easily guess which chapter will have larger questions of 6 marks
✓ This year there will be 6 QUESTIONS OF 6 marks ie 3 QUESTIONS FROM micro and 3 from macro. It means out of 80 marks, 36 marks are allotted for 6 markers, so prepare 6 markers very thoroughly
✓ Consumer equilibrium, law of variable proportion producers equilibrium, equilibrium price with chain reaction are some common topics of 6 marks from micro. Similarly numerical in national income, credit creation in banking working of investment multiplier determination of equilibrium level of income output etc are some common topics in macro
✓ In eco the concept clarity is essential. DEVELOP an economic sense by learning various concept in economics with thorough understanding
✓ Attempt the question paper preferably in serial order or do those questions first which you find easy and are comfortable with
✓ Numerical in national income accounting should preferably be done vertically to save time in addition and subtraction
✓ A proper and logical reasoning must be given in question of true and false or included or not included. Writing only yes or no will not fetch you marks
✓ In micro draw and explain with diagram wherever possible. Some time correct diagram become self explanatory. Labelling of diagram is essential. The numerical in micro about Ed and Es have step marking so don’t forget to write the formula.


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