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CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening ASL, New Task and Speaking Test Examples (ASL) with conversation and Questions and Answers for Class 10 and Class 11. Test No 21




Situation: Lisa is talking to Jackie about the author, John Grisham, and his books.


Lisa: Hey Jackie, how are you doing today?

Jackie: I am good! I just got out of my psychology lecture. It was so boring! I am glad I am done for the day. How are you doing? Did you just get out of class too?

Lisa: No, I have been out of class since early this afternoon, and I have been reading this new book I just bought. Have you ever heard of the author John Grisham?

Jackie: Yeah! John Grisham is a lawyer who has written a lot of books based on his knowledge and experience with the legal system like The Client. His books are very easy to read, and they give a lot of information on how the legal system works.

Lisa: Yeah, The Client is one of my favorite books! I love Mark Sway and Reggie Love, the two main characters of the novel. For an eleven-year-old kid, Mark is old beyond his years and so streetwise. John Grisham’s special sense of humor has made his characters very entertaining and the book much more interesting to read. Have you read The Chamber?

Jackie: The Chamber is a pretty good book too. The story about a grandson who tried to save the grandfather he has never really known gave me an insight on how the legal system works in the case of capital punishment. This story was somber, and it was written in a more serious tone.

Lisa: John Grisham really knows how to adapt his writing style to each situation. That is probably one of the reasons for his success.

Jackie: John Grisham’s success is an example of the importance of education. Even though his parents were poor and did not have a decent education, his mother put a lot of emphasis on his education and pushed him to go to college.

Lisa: I have to agree with you on that. Education is one of the best tools to achieve success in life. That is the reason why we are still in school, right?

Jackie: Right. But, why the sudden interest in John Grisham, Lisa?

Lisa: Well, I read his first book, and I found it very interesting. So, I kept on reading his books. I already have a collection of all his work.

Jackie: He has written at least twenty books. Did you read all of them? Did you have that much free time?

Lisa: No, I only read his legal fiction books. I have not touched any of his non-legal fiction or his non-fiction books.

Jackie: I see that you are very interested in learning about the legal system.

Lisa: Yes, very much. I find it fascinating. However, not enough to change my major from psychology to law yet.

Jackie: Maybe you should follow John Grisham’s example. He is a lawyer, and he writes novels about the legal system. You can finish your studies in psychology, and then write novels based on your expertise in psychology.

Lisa: That is a good idea. However, do you think I am creative enough to be able to weave all sorts of stories like John Grisham? That would require a lot of talent, and I do not know whether I have it in me.

Jackie: You never know unless you try. Anyways, people say, “where there is a will, there is a way,” right?

Lisa: And, there is also writer’s block. Those moments when you sit in front of the computer, ready to put your story in writing, and yet, your mind is completely blank. You keep on trying and trying, and nothing comes. I mean, absolutely nothing.

Jackie: Still, you never know unless you try, Lisa. Oh, it is almost 3 o’clock! I need to run, or I will miss the bus. See you later, Lisa!

Lisa: Bye, Jackie! Talk to you later!



1) Conversation Practice

Step 1: Have the students listen to the recorded dialogue.

Step 2: Have the students read along to the recorded dialogue.

Step 3: Divide your class into groups of two students. Have one student plays the role of Lisa, and another the role of Jackie.

2) Questions/Answers Practice

Pair the students and have them practice the following questions and answers. Ask them to come up with similar questions and answers.

Q: What kind of book is it? A: It is a non-fiction book about last year tsunami.

Q: Is John Richardson the author of the book? A: No, this one was written by Charles Langson.

Q: Is it one of the Best Seller books of the year? A: Yes, it is one of them.

Q: Who is the publisher? A: It was published by Prentice Hall.

Q: What is the story about? A: It is the story of a family who has gone through and survived the tsunami physically and mentally.

Q: Do they have a lot of books on the tsunami? A: Quite a few books were written on this subject. However, I do not remember their titles.

Q: When did the book come out? A: It was put into circulation in March.

Q: Do they offer both hardcover and paperback A: Yes, it came out in hardcover and editions? paperback. The hardcover edition is much more expensive though.

Q: Didn’t they make a movie out of this book? A: I do not think so since it just came out.

Q: Did somebody recommend this book to you? A: It is a book required for my sociology class.

Q: How much did it cost? A: I bought a paperback, so it did not cost too much.

3) Comprehension test

  1. a) What was Jackie doing before she meets Lisa?
  2. b) How was Jackie’s psychology class?
  3. c) What has Lisa been doing since early afternoon?
  4. d) Who is John Grisham?
  5. e) What does Jackie think about John Grisham’s books?
  6. f) Who is Mark Sway?
  7. g) Why does Lisa like the novel The Client?
  8. h) What is one of the reasons for John Grisham’s success?
  9. i) Who has contributed to John Grisham’s success?
  10. g) What kinds of books does John Grisham write?
  11. k) Does Lisa have a complete collection of John Grisham’s work?
  12. l) According to Jackie, what should Lisa do after she finishes school?
  13. m) What does Lisa think about Jackie’s suggestion?

4) Discussion

  1. a) What type of books do you like to read in your spare time? Why?
  2. b) What do you expect to gain from reading books? Why?
  3. c) Why should we read?



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