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CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening ASL, New Task and Speaking Test Examples (ASL) with conversation and Questions and Answers for Class 10 and Class 11. Test No 15




Situation: Jane just received a new purchase order from one of the customers. She tries to discuss the necessary actions with Lynn.

Jane: Lynn, please come to my office. I just received a revised purchase order from one of our customers.

Lynn: I am here.

Jane: Lynn, remember the order we received from Colors House two weeks ago?

Lynn: The one for a lot of 500 oak wood windows?

Jane: Yes, that is the one. Did we start production on it yet?

Lynn: I do not think so since we do not have to make delivery until the twentieth of this month, another fifteen days.

Jane: Good. I just received a revised order from its Purchasing department. They want pine wood instead of oak wood.

Lynn: We have already ordered the oak wood from Lumber House. It will cost us more if we put in a change of order now.

Jane: Don’t worry. Colors House is willing to pay an extra twenty-five percent for the change.

Lynn: It is OK then. When do we have to ship the order? Is it still due on the twentieth?

Jane: No, they gave us extra time to fill the new order. It is not due until the twenty-fifth of the month now.

Lynn: Did they change the shipping terms? Do we still have to deliver the order, or will they come here to pick it up?

Jane: We still have to take care of the shipping process, and it is still going to Chicago.

Lynn: Then I do not have to make any shipping changes other than changing the pickup date.

Jane: I think you should put a call in to Trucking Lines as soon as possible. The thirtieth of this month is a major holiday, and its shipping schedule is going to be very tight.

Lynn: True, they might not accommodate our change if they receive our notice too late.

Jane: Oh, here is the change of order from Colors House. You can sign and fax it back to them after reviewing it.

Lynn: I better give a copy of this new order to our Production department. They need to be aware of the change.

Jane: How is our Production department doing?

Lynn: It is running on a very tight schedule. We received quite a few orders lately.

Jane: I bet all the customers want their orders now or as soon as possible. The Production department will have to work a lot of overtime this month.

Lynn: Overtime already started last week with all the employees in the Assembly department working an average of two hours overtime per day.

Jane: I hope the customers appreciate our quick response time and the fact that we always jump through hoops to give them whatever they want.

Lynn: It does pay to keep up with the customers’ demand. Everybody likes our products and services. Even though it is sometimes very difficult to please everybody, it is fine with me because I love this company, and I want to see it prosper.

Jane: We can take pride in a job well done. Besides, it makes our job easier also.

Lynn: Yes, I would not like to hear people complain. I would hate to deal with unhappy


Jane: It is really stressful to deal with unhappy customers. I doubt that I will be able to relax even when I get home at the end of the day.

Lynn: Me neither. OK, everything is set. I will call Colors House and tell them everything is set to go.

Jane: Thanks for your help, Lynn.

Lynn: You are welcome, Jane.



1) Conversation Practice

Step 1: Have the students listen to the recorded dialogue.

Step 2: Have the students read along to the recorded dialogue.

Step 3: Divide your class into groups of two students. Have one student plays the role of Jane and the other the role of Lynn.

2) Questions/Answers Practice

Pair the students and have them practice the following questions and answers. Ask them to come up with similar questions and answers.

Q: Why do we have to put a rush on this project? A: Because the customer just changed the shipping date.

Q: When is the new delivery date? A: The fifteenth of this month.

Q: What else did the customer change? A: The customer wants two dozen instead of one.

Q: What is the new shipping arrangement? A: There is no need to ship the package. The customer will pick it up whenever we are ready.

Q: Do I need to notify the shipping company? A: Certainly, and as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to discuss the new terms with A: No, everything is already settled. Colors House?

Q: Did Colors House rate us favorably after A: Yes, they did. They were very impressed the change of order? with our response time.

Q: Is everything set to go? A: No, we need a little more time.

Q: Why are we not ready? A: We were delayed by the change of order.

Q: Did the change of order cause any A: No, not at all. problems?

3) Comprehension test

  1. a) Why does Jane want Lynn to come to her office?
  2. b) What does Colors House want now?
  3. c) Why wasn’t production started on Colors House’s previous order?
  4. d) Why doesn’t Colors House’s change of order create a problem for Jane’s company?
  5. e) Does Lynn need to change the shipping terms?
  6. f) Why should Lynn put a call in to Trucking Lines?
  7. g) Why should Lynn give a copy of the new order to the Production department?
  8. h) What happened in the Production department?
  9. i) What is the company’s policy regarding customers’s demand?
  10. j) Why does everybody like to work with Lynn’s company?
  11. k) What does Lynn think about pleasing all customers?
  12. l) Why does Jane hate to deal with unhappy customers?

4) Discussion

  1. a) What should a company’s policy be regarding serving its customers?
  2. b) How far are you willing to go in doing your job?
  3. c) What can be the causes of customers’s dissatisfaction?


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