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Cancellation Letter Example and Postponement of Formal Invitation

 Cancellation of Invitation

After invitations have been issued it becomes a difficult task to postpone or cancel them if such an emergency arises. In such  cases one of the following forms will be found handy :

  1. & Mrs. Gulzari Lal regret that the function for June 11, is cancelled due to the unfortunate death of their son.
  2. & Mrs. Ram Paul regret that the dinner for July 5 , at the Paradise Restaurant is cancelled due to fire in the premises.
  • & Mrs. Din Dyal regret that the feast and function for July 5th is postponed to July 12th due to very much unavoidable reasons.
  1. & Mrs. S.S. Soul regret that the marriage of their son on December 5th is cancelled due to an accident to the bride in a car.


Recall or Postponement of Formal Invitation

Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Vohra

Regret that they are obliged to recall their

Invitations for Monday, the 15th of  August

Owing to the illness of their son.


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