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ASL Topic Conversation between a wife and a husband. The wife wakes her husband to get ready for his office. Class 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Getting Ready for Office

ASL Topic Conversation between a wife and a husband. The wife wakes her husband to get ready for his office.

Wife: Darling, please get up. You are getting late for your office.

Husband: Please don’t trouble me, let me sleep for some time more.

Wife: Darling, aren’t you going to your office today?

Husband: Why not, madam? Today I have to go a bit early as there is a meeting in our office.

Wife. Then, please get up.

Husband: What’s the time, madam?

Wife: It is quarter to seven.

Husband: Oh! it is already quarter to seven.

Wife: Yes, my dear. Here is the watch you can see with your own eyes.

Husband: Then I must get up at once because I have to reach my office at exact 9 a.m. today.

Wife: Then make haste otherwise you will have to go in a taxi.

Husband: No, dear. Nowadays I can’t afford to go by taxi. It is a costly affair.

Wife: Then go to the bathroom and I am preparing your breakfast.

Husband: But what about my bed tea?

Wife: Dear, there is no time for the bed tea now. If you want bed tea then you must get up at 6 a.m.

Husband: But why didn’t you wake me up at 6 a.m.

Wife: I have been trying to wake you up since quarter to six. But you are so lazy that you never wanted to get up.

Husband: O.K. Madam. I forgo my bed tea today. Now where is my tooth brush and toothpaste?

Wife: Go to the bathroom everything is lying near the washbasin.

Husband: O.K. I am coming in five minutes. Please go and prepare the breakfast.

Wife: Darling, come out of the bathroom. The breakfast is ready at the dining table.

Husband: Just coming, my dear.

Wife. Breakfast is getting cold, Come soon.

Husband: Here I am. Where is my tea?

Wife. I am just bringing from the kitchen.

Husband: Oh! Thank you for the hot cup of tea. Now I feel fully refreshed for today’s heavy schedule in the office.

Wife: I am going to the kitchen to prepare your lunch, in the meantime please get ready. It is already 8 a.m.

Husband: Madam, I must have my tiffin box at 8.30 a.m. I do not want to reach late today, as my director is also coming back from his tour today.

Wife: O.K. I shall give you the tiffin box in another twenty minutes.

Husband: Shamu! Oh, Shamu! Have you polished my shoes?

Shamu (servant): Yes, sir.

Husband: Bring my shoes and my briefcase.

Shamu: Here are your shoes and the briefcase, sir.

Husband: Shamu, bring my shirt from the almirah.

Shamu: Here it is, sir.

Husband: Shamu, have the children gone to their school?

Shamu: Yes, sir. They have already left for their school.

Husband: There is one yellow file lying on my table bring that quickly.

Shamu: Here it is, sir.

Husband: Put it in the briefcase, and bring my necktie from the case.

Shamu: Yes, sir.

Wife. Are you ready, darling?

Husband: I shall be ready in another five minutes. Have you prepared my lunch dear?

Wife: I shall take just one minute more, please.

Shamu: Here is your neck-tie sir.

Husband: Thank you,

madam to give my tiffin box.

Shamu. Now ask your

Wife: Here is your tiffin box, my dear. It is already half past eight. Are you ready or not?

Husband: Darling, I am ready. It is time for me to leave now or I would miss my bus.

Wife: Let me put the tiffin box in your brief case. Husband:

Good bye, darling.

Wife: Bye-bye darling.


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