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ASL Conversation on the Topic “Calling A Taxi from The Taxi Stand” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

ASL Topic Conversation Sethji has to go to attend an urgent meeting but his driver says that the car is out of order. Therefore, Sethji asks his Secretary Mr. Shankaran to call a Taxi from the Taxi Stand by telephone. For Class 9, 10, 11, and 12.

ASL Conversation on the Topic “Calling A Taxi from The Taxi Stand”

Sethji: Sunder! Oh, Sunder! Where are you hiding yourself?

Sunder: Sir, I am here in the Drawing Room.

Sethji: Come here at once. What are you doing in the Drawing Room?

Sunder: Yes, sir.

Sethji: What were you doing in the Drawing Room at this time of the day?

Sunder: Sir, I was cleaning the Drawing Room.

Sethji: Were you cleaning the Drawing Room or sleeping in the Air-conditioned Room?

Sunder: (Frightened) Sir, I was not sleeping on the Sofa but I was simply lying on the floor.

Sethji: But just now you told me that you were cleaning the Drawing Room.

Sunder: Sir I was cleaning the room in a lying posture.

Sethji: You, the big liar. Ask Ramnu the driver to bring my Car in front of the Gate immediately.

Sunder: Yes, sir. (Sunder goes towards the garage). Ramu, Sethji wants the car immediately.

Ramu: Tell the Sethji that the car is out of order. It will have to be taken to the workshop for repairs.

Sunder: (Coming back) Sethji, Ramu says the car is out of order and it will have to go to the workshop for repairs.

Sethji: This foolish driver is always spoiling my car. Call my Secretary Shankaran.

Shankaran: Sir, did you call me?

Sethji: Yes, my car is out of order. I have to go to Mall Road to attend an urgent meeting. Ring up the Taxi Stand, and ask them to send a Taxi immediately.

Shankaran: Yes, sir.

Sethji: Do it immediately.

Shankaran: Is it 623508?

A Taxi-Driver: Yes, sir.

Shankaran: Is it Punjab Taxi Stand?

A Taxi Driver: Yes, sir.

Shankaran: I am speaking from the residence of Please send a Taxi immediately.

A Taxi Driver: O.K. Sir. But what is your address?

Shankaran: A-17, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi.

A Taxi Driver: Where is it, sir?

Shankaran: It is just opposite the Puri Public College.

A Taxi Driver: To which place the taxi has to go?

Shankaran: It has to go to Mall Road.

A Taxi Driver: Should I send a small taxi or a big taxi?

Shankaran: Our Sethji never likes the small taxi. Please send a big taxi.

A Taxi Driver: O.K. Sir. I am sending a big taxi. It will reach your place in five minutes.

Shankaran: What is the name of the Taxi Driver?

Taxi Driver: His name is Banta Singh.

Shankaran: What is the No. of the Taxi you are sending?

A Taxi Driver: It is DLT 5459.

Shankaran: Please send it quickly.

A Taxi Driver: Yes, sir. It will reach you within five minutes.

Shankaran: (After five minutes) Sethji, the taxi has come at the gate.

Sethji: Thank you. Shankaran. Have you told him where I have to go?

Shankaran: Yes, sir.

Sethji: I am coming within two minutes. If there is any telephone call, please note the message.

Shankaran: Yes, sir.

Sethji: Sunder, carry, this bag to the taxi.

Sunder: O.K. sir.

Sethji: Sunder, now keep this bag in the taxi. (Sethji sits in the taxi)

Taxi driver Banta Singh: Mall Road, sir?

Sethji: Yes, please.

(The taxi driver starts the taxi and drives towards Mall Road.)


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