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CBSE ASL Conversation on the Topic “At The Beauty Parlour” for Class 9, 10, 11 and 12 Students.

ASL Conversation between Miss Julie, who has to attend the marriage of her friend, goes to Rita’s Beauty Parlour to get her hair done.

CBSE ASL Conversation on the Topic “At The Beauty Parlour”


Julie: Good morning, please.

Receptionist: Good morning. What can I do for you?

Julie: Is it Rita’s Beauty Parlour?

Receptionist: Yes, please. What do you want?

Julie: I want to get my hair done, as I have to attend my friend’s marriage today.

Receptionist: It is all right, please. Go inside the first cabin, there Miss Rita will attend to you.

Julie: Thank you.

Miss Rita: Please come in and sit down in this chair, in front of the Mirror.

Julie: I am Miss Julie.

Miss Rita: I am glad to meet you. I am Miss Rita, the proprietor of this beauty parlour. What can I do for you?

Julie: I am pleased to meet you, Miss Rita. I have come from Bombay to attend the marriage of my friend. I want to have my hair done.

Miss Rita: Do you want a trim, shampoo and set, please?

Julie: Yes, please.

Rita: Do you want to have a shortcut?

Julie: No, please. I would like to keep long hair. Just cut off a little bit at the ends.

Rita: All right. First of all, my assistant will give you a shampoo and then I shall use rollers on your hair. (The assistant washes Julie’s hair and wraps her head in a towel)

Rita: Do you want the ends turned out or turned in?

Julie:  I would like the ends turned inwards.

Rita: Now, I shall put you under the dryer for forty minutes. You can read these magazines in the meantime. Would you like some tea or coffee?

Julie: I would like a hot cup of tea, if possible.

Rita:  I shall ask my assistant to bring you a hot cup of tea. If the dryer gets too hot, just pull at this plug and the air will cool off.

(After nearly forty minutes Rita comes into the Cabin).

Rita: O.K. now I shall remove the dryer and take out the pins and rollers.

Rita: Do you want a lot of backcombing?

Julie: No, please. Only a little bit.

Rita: Of course, I shall have to do a little bit of backcombing to give a style to the hair.

Julie: It’s all right, please.

Rita: Now I have set your hair. I’ll hold a mirror behind your head, you can tell me how you like it.

Julie: It’s really very beautiful. Thank you so much, for doing my hair in such a nice manner.

Rita: Would you also like a pedicure or a manicure, please?

Julie: Only manicure, done quickly. But it should be, please.

Rita: It won’t take much time, please.

Julie: Thank you. Now how much have I to pay?

Rita: Only rupees thirty, please.

Julie: Here is the money.

Rita:  Thank you for your visit. Please come again.

Julie: Goodbye.

Rita: Bye-bye.


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