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ASL Topic Conversation between Seth Girdhari Lal, a subscriber who books a Trunk Call for Madras, to talk to Mr Ramanathan.

ASL Topic Conversation between Seth Girdhari Lal, a subscriber who books a Trunk Call for Madras, to talk to Mr Ramanathan.

ASL Conversation on the Topic “Booking A Trunk Call”

Subscriber: Hello, Trunk Exchange.

Operator: Yes. Trunk Exchange, please.

Subscriber: Madar, I want to book a Trunk Call, please.

Operator: What is your Telephone number, Sir?

Subscriber: My Telephone No. is 6666666……

Operator: O.K. Please tell me to which city do you want to book the Trunk Call.

Subscriber: It is for Madras, please.

Operator: Please give me the Madras Telephone No.

Subscriber: It is 580952, please.

Operator: Whom do you want to speak?

Subscriber: I want to speak to Mr. Ramanathan.

Operator: Is it a P.P. call, please?

Subscriber: Yes, please.

Operator: Your Registration No. is C-904.

Subscriber: Pardon, Madam.

Operator: ‘C’ for Charlie, 904.

Subscriber: Thank you, Madam. When can I get the call to Madras?

Operator: There is a lot of rush on the line. I hope you will get the call within three hours.

(After three hours)

Subscriber: Hello, Trunk Exchange, please.

Operator: Yes, please. Trunk Exchange speaking.

Subscriber: I had booked a trunk call to Madras three hours back. My call No. is C-904, but I have not received my call.

Operator: Please ring up Trunk Exchange Enquiry.

Subscriber: Thank you. Is it a Trunk Exchange Enquiry?

Operator: Yes, Please. This is Trunk Exchange Enquiry speaking.

Subscriber: I had booked a P.P. call to Madras three hours back. But I have not heard anything about it so far.

Operator: What is your registration No. please?

Subscriber: It is C-904.

Operator: Just wait a minute, I will check up the position. The Madras line was out of order. They have now repaired it. You will get your call within half an hour.

Subscriber: Thank you.

Operator: No mention, please.

(After half an hour)

Operator: Is it 682538, please?

Subscriber: Yes, please.

Operator: Have you booked a Trunk Call to Madras?

Subscriber: Yes, please.

Operator: O.K. Please wait a little.

Subscriber: Thank you, please. I am holding the line.

Operator: Hello, Madras Exchange. The subscriber is holding. Please call the P.P. on the line

Madras Operator: Is it 580952, please?

Mr. Ramanathan: Yes, please.

Madras Operator: There is a Trunk Call for you from Delhi.

Mr. Ramanathan: Please connect the call.

Madras Operator: Hello, Delhi Exchange. Subscriber is holding.

Madras Operator: Delhi Exchange please connect the line. The P.P. is on the line.

Delhi Exchange: Hello, 682538 please speak to the P.P.

Subscriber: Hello, Mr. Ramanathan. I am Seth Girdhari Lal speaking.

Mr. Ramanathan: Ramanathan speaking.

Subscriber: I am Seth Girdhari Lal, from Delhi speaking.

Mr. Ramanathan: How are you Sethji?

Subscriber: I am all right. I am coming to Madras by Air day after tomorrow. My plane will be reaching Madras at 9 A.M. in the morning.

Mr. Ramanathan: Where should I meet you’ Sethji?

Subscriber: Mr. Ramanathan, please meet me at the Air Port, and bring your Car.

Mr. Ramanathan: It’s all right Sethji. I shall be there at exactly 9 A.M.

Subscriber: I have an urgent, matter to discuss with you. Please book a room for me in the Meenakshi Hotel for two days.

Mr. Ramanathan:  Don’t worry Sethji. I shall book it just now.

Subscriber:  Thank you, Mr Ramanathan. Good bye.

Mr. Ramanathan: Thank you, Sethji. Bye, bye.

Delhi Operator: Is the call over, please?

Subscriber: Yes, madam the call is over, please disconnect.

Operator: O.K. Sir.

Subscriber: Thank you.


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