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ASL Class 11 Worksheet for Listening Test 2


CBSE Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL)
Class XI Code XI-L-02


Time: 45 min Max. Marks: 20

Task 1    5 marks

You will hear five short extracts of people talking about different types of tourism. Read
the statements below, then listen to the extracts and match each statement A-G to each
speaker 1-5. There are two statements you do not need. You will hear the recordings
A. The desire to sort out health issues is a major reason for travel.
B. The challenge of learning new languages takes people far and wide.
C. Travelling to taste new cuisines is a growing trend.
D. Places that offer adventure sports are a big tourist attraction.
E. Business travellers contribute significantly to the travel industry.
F. Working for social causes can take people to different places.
G. Package tours to uncommon events attract many tourists.
Task 2             6 marks

You will hear two students talking about voting rights for teenagers. Read the sentences
below, then listen to the conversation and choose ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ for each sentence. You
will hear the recording twice.

1. The boy supports voting rights at sixteen because
a. teenagers are level-headed enough to vote.
b. other countries have allowed this right.
c. teenagers are finishing their schooling by then.
2. The girl feels it is good to
a. give sixteen-year olds the right to vote.
b. delay voting rights until eighteen.
c. permit the right to drive or join the army at sixteen.

3. The boy supports voting from an early age as it
a. increases the number of voters.
b. develops the democratic process.
c. builds maturity over the years.

4. The girl insists that ballot rights can be
a. squandered away by misguided teenagers.
b. controlled by the teenager’s father and mother.
c. given only to well-informed sixteen-year olds.

5. Giving unsteady youngsters the right to vote can
a. increase rebellion and dissatisfaction.
b. be a disservice to the country.
c. cause a divide in society.

6. The girl’s attitude to the discussion is
a. balanced and fair.
b. calm but unclear.
c. subjective and inconclusive.

Task 3       4 marks

You will hear a speech by an expert on internships. Read the statements below, then
listen to the extract and choose four of the options A–G which are correct. Write the
correct letters in the blank boxes provided.

You will hear the recording twice.

Which FOUR of the following statements are true?

A. The speaker feels interns get fewer benefits than a full-time employee.
B. The speaker says having second thoughts about what to study is alright.
C. The speaker’s internship at a clinic confirmed a career in medicine.
D. The speaker believes an internship can lead to a good career for life.
E. The speaker thinks earnings as an intern can help fund college education.
F. The speaker is convinced that internships add value to one’s resumé.
G. Students can become full-time employees in their places of internship.
Task 4      5 marks

You will listen to two students, a boy and a girl, debate about advertising and its impact.
Read these sentences, then listen to the speakers and complete the sentences with one or
words only. You will hear the recording twice.
1. It is _________ in the market that helps provide more options and value for

2. Advertising offers too much _________ and makes people waste their money.

3. Children lack _________ _________ skills to see through advertising that targets

4. _________ _________ cleverly bombard viewers with the latest market trends.

5. Media outreach programmes can improve _________ standards and eradicate


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  1. Rakshit Gupta says:

    Task 1 answer
    A. a
    B. a
    C. c
    D. b
    E. d
    F. d
    G. a

    Task 2

    Task 3
    Answer(B) statement (A,B,D,F)

    Task 4
    4.commercial break

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