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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Modi and External Affairs” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Modi and External Affairs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s enormous scheme to keep good relation with neighboring and developed countries is superior for common economic development. Narendra Modi made two days of Bhutan journey which was PM’s foreign journey as taking in excess of indict as a prime minister. Throughout Modi’s tour both countries reaffirmed to agree for teamwork and discussed ways to more increase economic ties. Mr. Modi gives a Joint Session of the Parliament of Bhutan and outstanding address was well received by the people of Bhutan. In his speech, Mr. Modi said that both countries are enclosed by ordinary interests and mutual wealth. India and Bhutan benefit from an exceptional relationship which has been fictitious by ties of geography, history and culture. Bhutan was the purpose for his first visit abroad. There are more than a few agreements made in Modi’s visit to Bhutan. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mooted the idea of an annual hill sports festival with India’s northeastern states along with Bhutan and Nepal. Modi chose Bhutan as a first choice for his first visit overseas in order to strengthen relationship.

Toward expand strong relationship with neighboring country, Modi’s Nepal visit open new period for economic improvement. Mr. Modi’s encourage agreement with in the Legislature-Parliament, high-level political meeting, mutual agreements and exchange of assist took place during the visit, his meeting with political leaders and their outcome have made the visit winning. In his speech, he gave two imperative messages. The first message was that anyone can only provide the society through principles and not arms, and Nepal has been able to send a strong message to the world by proving that. He must also have oblique that achievement in constitution writing in Nepal may also have good effect on mitigation of violent conflicts even inside India. The second message was that he ended irresolution and worries concerning origin of Lord Buddha. The delightful name of Buddha and Lumbini nine times during his speech, he made clear that India does not want to remain wedged on such petty issues. His visit to Japan will definitely make well-built future relations between Tokyo and New Delhi. As Modi and his Japanese equal Shinzo Abe decided during their talks, this connection has planned consequence for both countries as they follow common goals for brighter future. The stronger relationships and to develop country’s development that include economic engagement, defense cooperation and technology transfer.

Mr Modi pragmatic that Japan is one of India’s adjacent associates in political, economic, security and cultural realms as well being major provincial and global partner for India. A climax of the meeting is Modi’s tour of Japan’s ‘smart city’ Kyoto, which is a design of cultural tradition and modernization, merging the Prime Minister’s own dream to develop hundred smart cities in the country. He further spoke that it is good opportunity to expand business, manufacture the products in India and government will provide all amenities to grow business which is good for customers. Indian and Japanese companies can help in the manufacturing sector because there are many Japanese car producers in India such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda that can work together with Indian auto majors like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, Premiere, and TVS, establish hub in industrial areas of both nations on mutual reciprocity plan. India can work together its internationally appreciated cost effective solutions to create the best cars at the lowest price. India and Japan made a joint teamwork like Toshiba and HCL the mobile telephony between Sony and Micromax seems a good opportunity. Both leaders are self-motivated, tech savvy and quite young leaders on behalf of the nationalistic hopes and aspiration of the countries.

Mr. Modi often makes hard work to enlarge ties with developed nations. The PM’s visit to the US is also fruitful as both Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama has ended with a new schedule between countries. In US Narendra Modi had terrified lots of speeches, attended meetings with senior CEOs, and addressed the UN General Assembly and an Indian-American community. He also had a private dinner with President Obama. Obama appreciated the initiatives of the Indian PM and his robust approach to address India’s challenges since taking office. Mr Modi, who got sweeping victory election in May 2014, had promised to build up your strength the weakening Indian economy. PM Modi and the President Obama pledge to set a new plan for success of two countries. The new agenda is mainly concentrated on two main themes that include strengthening of joint security co-operation and enhancing bilateral economic relations.  Mr Modi has also set plan to buy US defense equipment and more manufacturing joint ventures to develop the Indian defense trade. The basis for this has been done through the formation of the US-India Defense Trade and Technology Initiative agreed upon in 2012. Bilateral defense relations are also improved by the visit by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to India in August 2014. He made advanced negotiations for a 2.5 billion USD deal for the Indian purchase of Apache and Chinook helicopters. Prime Minister, Mr. Modi is passionate to increase investment inflows from US multinationals into major business and other areas such as manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, smart cities and urban development. Modi’s visit is successful in terms of taking active role to boost trade relations with US and he promised that India’s new government will be more active to enhance economic development and attract foreign investment. The Main aspect for PM Modi’s visit is to strengthen US investment into the Indian manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. It is anticipated that US will play active role for advancement of India’s defense industry. Mr Modi has good move toward to develop India’s 100 smart city programs and to become successful. US will support India to make three such cities apart from joining hands with civil society and authorities to provide clean water and sewage facilities in 500 cities of the nation. The three cities are Allahabad, Ajmer and Visakhapatnam. It is realized that Mr. Modi’s visit to US will definitely prolific for the business and friendly relationship with India.


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