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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “How many slams for a Jerusalem” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

How many slams for a Jerusalem


Emulating some of the famous Bollywood movie dialogues like- “Jo main kehta hu wo main karta hu or Jo main nahi kehta wo main definitely karta hu.” (I do what I say and I definitely do what I don’t say), and “Ek bar Jo Maine commitment Kardi to main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.” (Once I commit for something, I don’t even listen to myself), American president Donald Trump has without a doubt proved that he strongly feels for India and Indian sagacity.


Since occupying the President of USA’s chair. Donald Trump has taken various striking decisions just to fulfill the poll promises, he had made during the presidential election campaigns. Setting another example of his loyalty towards his promises he took the entire world by storm on 6th December 2017 and announced his much anticipated but equally contested decision to give recognition to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


This recognition sparked a very strong reactions from all around the world from Palestinian protests, sporadic clashes in various Muslim dominated countries and a call for a new intifida from Arab religious erudites. Where France termed it a politically motivated, wrong decision, Turkey called it umbrous and provoking stimulus which can further deteriorate the already abhorrent situation in Arab countries and it threatened to break all ties with US. European Union along with soon to be ousted member UK also condemned Trump’s resolution. UNSC has once again rejected Trump’s move leaving US completely isolated.


India being a friend nation and a silent admirer of USA and also a comrade of Palestinians chose to express its views in a very compact and dimplomatic way. MEA’s spokesperson said in a press release that Indian position on Jerusalem cannot change due to some other country’s premise.


Looking back into the history for the origin of this hue and cry over the religious city Jerusalem, we come across the UN partition plan of 1947 in which it envisaged Jerusalem as a separate international city. But, this didn’t remain for long and notwithstanding the UN plan, a war, after Israel’s declaration of independence, broke and the city got divided into two different possessions between Israel and Palestine through the demarcation line called Armistice in 1949.


But this status was also changed soon when during the six day War in 1967, Israel captured Palestine occupied East Jerusalem and got control over the whole of it and declared it as its capital in 1980 but UN Security Council passed a resolution and criticized the annexation of eastern Jerusalem and urged all the member nations not to shift their embassies to the new capital. Since then both countries have severely claimed jurisdiction over the city which is religiously sacred for Jewish, Muslims, and Christians.


Although, Israel has prerogative over Jerusalem presently but the world community has neither accepted nor recognised this proposition. Even past US presidents have resisted Israel’s desire to glorify Jerusalem by making it home to US embassy that it holds in Tel-Aviv.


But Donald Trump is different, he does what he says and he definitely does what he promises to his voters. His declaration to shift US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem has created uproar because this will more or less authenticate and boost Israel’s already firm command on the controversial eastern part of Jerusalem which is professed by Palestines from the inception of this unressolved problem.


Whatever be the future reppercussions of this outrageous move, the issue of Jerusalem is not going to settle anytime soon, in fact, it will further worsen the heretofore complicated contentious matter. But one thing is certain that Mr Trump has, yet again, given a chewgum to the entire world which neither be chewed nor be thrown out, it will just inhabit the mouth for a long time.






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