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Article, Paragraph, Essay on “Blue Whale Suicide Game Challenge Explained” article for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation Classes and descriptive examination

Blue Whale Suicide Game Challenge Explained


The Blue Whale game is an online game in which the participant is chases a social media account, which instruct them to complete 50 days challenges. The Challenges rise in their extreme starting with watching a horror movie and develop into the participant live streaming some form of self-harm. The Blue Whale Challenge thump headlines after it was related to the death of 130 teenagers in Russia. The Various media reports suggested the game began in Russia before spreading to Eastern Europe and two masterminds behind the evil game have now been arrested.

Blue Whale game can be free downloaded and played. If a player decides to play the Blue Whale Game, then he or she has to take training from the curator or supervisor of the game who assign the participant daily tasks or challenges that have to be completed in a day. These tasks can consist of some trifling things to do like watching a horror movie, waking up in the early hours and do some shocking acts. These tasks continue for 50 days in order to complete the game. The tasks become more tremendous when the game approach the closing days. On the 50th day, administrator ostensibly asks the contestant to take their own lives.

There is still doubt over how a contestant plays the game. While some say the user has to install some app on their smart phone, others say it’s via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook where the administrator get in touch with the participant after those interested throw out postings on social media asking for a curator. There are number of dissimilar hashtags like #bluewhalechallenge, #iamwhale act as signal for the unidentified curators.

The Indian government has make a note of the deadly game and a recent times directed internet majors  Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to remove its links.

The online game Blue Whale has ostensibly forced three young people into committing suicide in India while two were rescue before they could take the tremendous step. The number of suicides across Russia and the Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan where the game is in temper are reported to be over 130.

Here are the five alleged cases related to Blue Whale Challenge

Kerala: Manoj C Man is a 16 year old from Kerala is the most recent sufferer of the dangerous game as claimed by his mother. The young boy was found hanging at his home on July 26. Earlier, the family told the police that it was because of failed relationships and scoldings by the boy’s mother. Three days ago, however, Man’s mother file a fresh complaint, saying the Blue Whale challenge could have led to his death.

Mumbai: A 14-year-old boy jumped off from the seventh floor of a building in Mumbai on July 26 evening is another suspected case of Blue Whale suicide game. The departed, Manpreet, was a class nine student in a school in Andheri East. While locals said he played the Blue Whale game, the police said they are checking Manpreet’s cell phone and computer to determine the same.

As per the report, the boy dies due to external and internal injuries. He had a fractured forearm, fracture pelvic region and enlarged liver. The boy suffers numerous upset injuries as a result of falling from the height. The police have registered a case of accidental death. Andheri youngster purportedly commits suicide after playing Blue Whale challenge game

West Bengal: Ankan Dey, a 15 year old teenager from West Midnapore, West Bengal, was the first assumed Blue Whale victim in India. The teenagers commit suicide in the bathroom of his house on Saturday morning, August 12. Although the police are inquiring if the teen played the Blue Whale challenge, there were reports that Ankan was keen to online games.

Solapur, Maharashtra: The boy was 14 year old who left home to complete a task give out to him in the Blue Whale game was rescue by the police on August 10 on his way to Pune. The boy appears to be lost and silent at the time of rescue. The Police intercepted the bus and rescued the boy, who was on his way to complete a task given by the Blue Whale Challenge game, a Bhigwan police station officer said. The boy’s businessman father came to the police station and took him home, he added.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: A 13-year-old was rescued by his friends when he tried to jump off the third floor of his Indore school on August 10. The boy is a student of class VII at Chamali Devi Public School at Rajendra Nagar. They think that he was tense in the last couple of days, thinking about committing suicide to accomplish the final 50th task of the game.

As far as India is anxious, the number of cases reported from various parts of the country suggests that it’s is cramped to urban areas alone and it also relates to youth who use high speed internet connectivity on their computers and mobile phones.

The government should take a several steps for Blue Whale game. They should make public revealing video to raise awareness about the Blue Whale Challenge. The video contented should have enough online and offline presence and should be in a variety of regional languages as well. There should be lectures organized in the school and colleges across the country and inform and teach the minor about the challenge posed by the Blue Whale game. The role of parents and guardians is central to undertake the challenge due to their immediacy to their children. The parents should keep an eye on the internet activity of their wards and if they find anything suspicious they can talk to them in polite manner and make them aware of the ill effects of the game. The task of the media is creating attentiveness about the game. Simply reporting the cases may create more interest and they should be abstaining from doing any sensationalism about reporting the challengers posed by this game.


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