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Article, Essay on “The State of Education Today” 230 Words Article on current issues for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Board Exam.

The State of Education Today

Education was something that was always driven by devotion and thought. Helped by their own volition, teachers were successful potters moulding men and women into good citizens.

Sadly, today the department of education has been corrupted by the commercialization of education that manufactures solipsists but doesn’t nurture altruists. While it is true that education must evolve as time passes but commercialization of education is the worst thing that could ever have happened. In a race to excel more than most of one’s competitors, coaching classes along with other institutions have become a resort for the ‘betterment of students’ academic performances. They are perceived as simultaneously a compulsion and criticized a lot for spoiling education, students’ lives, the standard of schools, etc. Due to the attending of coaching classes by almost all students in cities, the interest of school teachers to impart knowledge to students has now started dipping gradually.

It is sad how the poor parents have been doubly burdened. They have to shell out the exorbitant school fees along with the hefty, hourly charges of tuition classes. In fact, taking extra tuitions is a matter of pride among the student group. Students are in fact relying on the tuition centers and not on their own ability to study the books. They need to understand that there is no substitute for self-study, not even tuition classes.


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  1. Abhinav Lodhi says:

    I am a student currently studying in class XII, I understand that students are mainly dependend upon Tution classes ,but there is not other option better than attending tution classes because we are not getting that quality education in our schools for nowdays copetitions.But I favours to you that we are not dependend upon selfstudies.Please give the sloution to how should can better do self studies.

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