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Appeal against income tax assessment for the year 2022-23 .

Appealing against Income Tax Assessment


24-A, Defence Enclave

New Delhi-110024

March 28th, 2007


The Income Tax Officer

(South Zone)

Trade Towers

Saket, New Delhi-110017

Sub.: Appeal against income tax assessment for the year 2022-2023.

Dear Sir,

With reference to your assessment order, No. IT/2006-2007/ SZ5478, dated 15th April, issued by Mr. Parath Sarthy, I.T.O., we would like to raise the following objections :-

(i)  That the donation of Rs. 50,000/- to Shri. Ram Krishna Mission on 5th January 2007, is absolutely in order and is eligible for tax exemption.

(ii) That Rs. 75,000/-, spent on foreign travelling for trade promotion on our representatives, is in accordance with the latest regulations and hence calculating it for tax assessment is absolutely unjustified.

(iii) That the local travelling, amounting to Rs. 30,000/- is fully supported by photocopies of AIR and RAIL, tickets and hotel bills. Merely the absence of separate bills for food and refreshment does not justify a deduction of Rs. 10.000/-

(iv) Rs. 15.000/-, spent on providing refreshments and tea to the staff twice a day, is according to the common norms and deserves exemption from tax liability.

It is, therefore, requested that the payment charged in excess may please be refunded.

Thanking you,


Sincerely yours,


for Sunder Exports


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