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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Railways” , Test 5 Minutes with 5 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 25




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25Madam Deputy Chairman, the main question for consideration of this House is whether the increase in the passenger FARES and / in the freights that has been proposed by the Railway Minister should have the support of this House or not./ I have been listening with some interest to the speeches so far made and they are all UNANIMOUS on one/ point, namely, that there should be no increase particularly so far as the second class passengers are concerned. what we/have  to decide at present is that those friends who  have  emphasised their opposition to this  levy  have also said (100) that in view of our developing economy, in view of our developing  industrialization . in  view  of the  fact that there/ is a greater demand  for passenger traffic as well as goods traffic. We  have to develop our raiway system we /have to see that we increased  our lines. We have also to see that we double our lines. We have/ also to see that the production of the LOCOMOTIVES wagons and coaches is increased with grater REPIDITY. Otherwise, we will/ not be able to meet the demand of the developing economy.

          It is also agreed that according to the recommendation (200) of  the pay Commission, we all feel that our workers our labourers, are entitled to D.A. which will/be to the tune of Rs. 12 crores.  There are no two opinions about it.  It is also demanded that/ so far as AMENITIES to the workers are concerned regarding their PRIVILEGES and concessions or the repairs of the stock/ are concerned, there is very urgent need that we should see that our workers do not strain themselves.  An engine/ driver should not be asked to do work for more than 12 hours. Similarly, others in the Railways should also (300) have further concessions so far as LEISURE, rest and leave are concerned.

          It is also agreed and it has been/ EMPHATICALLY STRESSED ON ALL HANDS that the second class passengers are not getting amenities which they should get.  The greater/ portion of the income comes from the second class passengers and the position is that they are not getting their/ dues by way of rest and comfort which are necessary for them.  I appreciate that effort is being made that/ so far as sleeping accommodation and provision of fans to the second class passengers are concerned, something is being done, (400).


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