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10 Lines on “The Farmer” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “The Farmer”

1. The farmer is a familiar figure around the fields sitting on his tractor, or working or taking a short rest.

2. Indeed, the farmer is an important person in our society. He grows food, vegetables, grains and fruits on his land, and sells them in the marketplace.

3. The farmer is rightly called the feeder of the world. But life for him is not easy.

4. He rises at dawn with the first rays of the sun and goes to work in the fields with his plough and bullocks or tractor.

5. He ploughs the land and adds manure to it; when it rains for the first time that season he starts sowing seeds in the ground. He takes great care of his plants, weeding and hoeing from time to time.

6. At harvest time he reaps the crops and ties up the sheaves. Then he heaps them up in his field. He threshes these sheaves. He works tirelessly from dusk to dawn.

7. The farmer is dependent on the rains, for only then can he plough the fields. Sometimes, when the rains are delayed, he has to face great hardships.

8. In spite of all this, farmers take time out for merry-making and have fun.

9. There is singing and dancing at the time of threshing when the farmer knows it will be a good harvest.

10. We have to thank our farmers, for it is these people who work hard and give us our food!


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