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10 Lines on “The Dinosaur” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “The Dinosaur”

1. In the beginning, millions of years ago, when the earth was first formed there was no life at all.

2. There were no plants, animals or human beings. Everything was bare. The surface of the earth was very hot then and nothing could have lived.

3. Very gradually life began in the sea. The first living things were quite tiny and small. Then came the jellyfish, starfish, sponges, and the beautiful underworld of weeds and corals.

4. Plants too began to grow on land, and the earth was filled with greenery and colour.

5. The dinosaur was one of the animals that walked on earth in pre-historic times. In America, monster footsteps were discovered about one hundred and fifty years ago. Later, some large bones were discovered.

6. The word “dinosaur” means ‘terrible lizard’, for that is what it really looked like an enormous lizard. They were usually gentle by nature, but there was a species which ate flesh and was quite aggressive in its behaviour.

7. The dinosaur was fond of water and felt safe in it. Its feet were webbed like a bird’s, and it croaked loudly when angry. This must have been a terrifying sound.

8. It is believed that the lifespan of a dinosaur was roughly fifty years, and its eggs were about eight inches long.

9. It has always been a wonder to man and even today skeletons and stuffed dinosaurs decorate museums.

10. Several movies have been made on this animal, and directors of films have tried to recapture the past and bring back to life the extinct dinosaur.


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