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10 Lines on “Television” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “Television”

1. Television seems to be the ideal entertainer for the people of today, be it the elderly or the young, for almost all modern homes have a television set.

2. One question remains a mystery-is television a boon or a curse? It is a boon if you watch only good and useful programmes and learn something from it, but it is a curse if you keep watching it, forgetting everything else!

3. There is no doubt that television is a means of amusement and entertainment. We can watch dances and plays, musical programmes, Olympics and world cup matches apart from other games, and episodes from the epics, like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.

4. Then there is the BBC which gives us the latest information of happenings all over the world. For old, lonely people who cannot move around much, the TV is a good pastime.

5. In the village, it is an exciting time when everyone gathers around the TV to see a film featuring their favourite actor or actress. The film is then discussed in detail for days and the songs are sung over and over again.

6. But this wonderful entertainer has its drawbacks too. Too much TV is injurious to our eyes and health.

7. If students remain engrossed in serials or movies, they are sure to neglect their studies.

8. At the same time they will be deprived of all physical exercise as they sit glued in front of their T.V. sets.

9. Social life also comes to a standstill on days when movies are shown, for people do not welcome visitors when they are interested in watching a film.

10. As the old saying goes – a little of everything is good – so, a little of TV, a little of play, and little extra studies will surely go a long way in shaping us into better human beings.


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