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10 Lines on “Pocket Money” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “Pocket Money”

1. There is nothing as thrilling as the jingle of coins in one’s pocket or the feel of crisp notes -money that belongs entirely to oneself to do as we please with it.

2. I strongly feel that our parents should give us pocket money.

3. If children don’t get a monthly or weekly allowance how will they learn to handle their finances?

4. Moreover, when they see others spending lavishly they may be tempted to steal some money!

5. Oh how I long for pocket money! If you ever see me staring out of the window absently during the Maths period, you will know that I am thinking of all the wonderful things I would do with my pocket money if my parents ever gave it.

6. First of all I would buy that lovely Teddy Bear I saw in the shop the other day.

7. Then I would make sure that my friends received birthday cards from me regularly.

8. At present, my mother gives me money for this “useless” luxury only after she has asked me at least a dozen questions!

9. The rest of my money, if there was any remaining, would be spent on sweets and ice cream.

10. You see how simple my desires are. I wish somebody would convince my parents that if I had some money of my own, I would not, as they seem to think, fall into all kinds of evil ways.


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