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10 Lines on “An Earthquake” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

10 Lines on “An Earthquake”

1. The quaking or trembling of the earth is known as an earthquake.

2. Scientists have discovered that it may be caused by volcanoes and rocks that move within the earth or by the sudden contraction of the earth.

3. An earthquake can be a terrible experience. It comes suddenly and normally lasts for a few seconds, but during that period, it causes fear in everybody.

4. If the earthquake is intense, great damage can be caused. Trees may get uprooted, buildings and houses can collapse and many lives can be lost.

5. Animals become restless, and try to break free. People get buried alive under the broken walls of collapsing houses.

6. Thousands of people become homeless within seconds, and many lives are lost.

7. Earthquakes are very common in certain regions such as Italy and Japan because they are situated on the weak belt. It is strange but most of the earthquakes seem to occur in winter!

8. Welfare organisations, and the army, police and government officers rush to the place where an earthquake has taken place.

9. Rescue teams reach there quickly with adequate supplies of emergency needs. The victims are given food and shelter in tents, and doctors and nurses attend to those who are injured. Kitchens are set up to provide food to the victims.

10. The government helps considerably by providing loans from banks to help people re-settle those who have lost everything due to the damages caused.


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