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10 Lines on “Akbar and Birbal” Story for Kids and Students of Classes 7, 8, 9 and 10.

10 Lines on “Akbar and Birbal” Story



Akbar…great and wise king…has nine clever men in his court…calls them his jewels…one day he asks them to make a list of foolish men…sees his own name on top of Birbal’s list…is furious…questions Birbal….

Birbal explains…Akbar gave full amount to horse-seller to buy Arabian steeds…horse- seller will run away with money….

Akbar confident he won’t be cheated…In that case Birbal promises he will put his own name on top of list.


1. Akbar, as we all know, was a great and wise king.

2. He had, in his court, nine clever men who were his chief courtiers and whom he referred to as his nine jewels.

3. One day, he called them together and asked them to make a list of the most foolish men in his kingdom.

4. Each courtier made his list and handed it over to Akbar, who read the names and had a hearty laugh at some of them.

5. But when he came to Birbal’s list he turned red with fury. Birbal, as we all know, was Akbar’s most trusted friend and advisor.

6. Imagine, therefore, Akbar’s shock when he saw his own name at the top of Birbal’s list. He could not believe his eyes!

7. He demanded an explanation. Birbal, bowing respectfully, replied, “Sire, you gave the horse-seller the full amount to get those expensive Arabian steeds.

8. He has not shown his face since then and I’ll wager he never will, for he has received all his money. Why will he give you your horses?”

9. “And what if he brings me the horses?” asked Akbar.

10. “Then,” replied Birbal humbly, “I will remove your name from the list and write mine in its place.”


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