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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts on Human body and Life” interesting facts that we should knew Part 3

Facts on Human Body and Life Part-3

21. The body is a very complicated system consisting of millions of cells organized uniquely and functioning dynamically together. It is divided into 8 systems- the skeleton, the muscles, the circulatory and respiratory systems, the digestive system, the urinary system, the glandular system, the nervous system and the skin.

22. The body comprises around 75 per cent of water at birth. But this can reduce to 55 per cent by the end of a person’s life.

23. On an average, every person in the world takes in about 60,600 litres of water in his/her entire lifetime. In spite of this, a loss of a mere 1 per cent causes him/ her to feel thirsty. A loss of 10 per cent (dehydration) could prove fatal.

24. On an average, a person generally consumes about 30, 000 kgs of food in his/ her lifetime- that’s the weight of six adult elephants!

25. Your brain tissue is 75 per cent water. Messages from your brain to everywhere else in your body are transported on ‘waterways’.

26. The two kidneys in our body contain 20,00,000 of tiny blood filters which deal with about 4,000 liters of blood every day.

27. The lung contains 300,000 million capillaries (blood vessels), which if strung together would measure 2,400 km.

28. Hair and nail comprise of dead cells. They are not fed by blood of nerves. That is why you can cut them without feeling the slightest hurt of pain.

29. The nail on your middle finger grows fastest. Your thumb nail is the slowest to grow.

30. The amount of sugar present in our body is sufficient to make at least three cups of tea at any given time.


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