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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of The World” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 1

Facts of The World – 1

660. Chewing on (chewing) gum while cutting onions can stop your eyes from watering.

661. In most watch advertisements, the time dispelled on the watch is 10:10 the arms of the watch thus frame its brand and , at the same time, give its face the effect of a smile.

662. In the stone Age, men used tools to kill animals.

663. Mountain Rat was the nickname given by Aurangazeb to Shivaji.

664. In Holland, boys and girls in the villages wear wooden shoes known as clogs.

665. The music hall entertainer Nosmo King , derived his stage name from a ‘No smoking; sign.

666. The peack, Mount Everest, was named after Sir George Everest who happened to be the first person to accurately survey its height.

667. At 146 million tones, India’s production of fruits and vegetables is the second largest in the world, china coming in first.

668. There is no soda in soda water. It is water charged with carboric acid gas.

669. Panama hats are not made in Panama, which is a country in Central America. They are made in Ecuador, an equatorial country in South America.

670. Sealing wax does not contain wax as such. It is made of Venice turpentine and cinnabar.


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