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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of the Sea” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 1

Facts of the Sea – 1

486. 97 per cent of the earth’s water is in the oceans and seas.

487. Earthquakes cause upheavals and throw up islands and open up great fissures in the ground. But very few are aware that sea animals like corals extract chalk or calcium carbonate from the sea water to make their shells. When they die, these shells accumulate and from coral reefs.

488. If all the ice in the North and South poles melted, the surface level of the oceans would rise by as much as 180 feet.

489. The characin is a South – American fish that lays its eggs on a leaf and keeps them wet by splashing them with its tail till they hatch.

490. The Cod fish lays about 6 million eggs per year. The eggs are food for many predatory fish. Still the large number of eggs ensures the survival of the species.

551. The common goldfish is the only animal that can see both infrared and ultra – violet light.

552. The pupils of an octopus’ eyes as well as a goat’s eye are rectangular.

553. When ocean tides are at their highest, they are called ‘ spring tides’. When they are at their lowest, they are called ‘neep tides’.

554. The only bones the shark has in its body are the jaws and teeth.

555. The largest recorded iceberg was seen in the South Pacific Ocean in November 1956. It has an area of about 31,000 square km and was a little larger than the size of Belgium.

556. The largest pearl in the world was found inside a giant clam in the Philippines in 1934. The Pearl of Laozi, as it was called, weighed 6.37 kg and was valued at over 33 million dollars.


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