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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 14

Facts of Animals, Birds and Insects-14

341. The Siberian tiger is the largest cat in the world. It weighs about 330 kg and can eat up to 27.2 kg meat in a day.

342. The hippopotamus can run faster than a human being.

343. The elephant, the rhinoceros and the hippopotamus have mud baths to keep themselves clean. When the mud dries, it falls off, and along with it, the irritating ticks and fleas.

344. A bird performs its chewing function through its stomach. Since birds do not have teeth, a bird routinely swallows small pebbles and gravels. These become vigorously agitated in its stomach and serve to grind food as it passes through the digestive system.

345. The kangaroo and the emus cannot walk backwards.

346. The cockroach has high resistance to radiation. It can live for several days with its head cut off.

347. The olfactory membrane of the dog (the organ it smells with) is 50 times bigger and a million times more sensitive than that of a human being. The bloodhound can sniff a scent trail that is even four days old, which is why they are used for tracking lost children and prison escapees.

348. The eyesight of the eagle is four times as sharp as that of a person with perfect vision.

349. The bat has little use for eyesight as it generally lives in the dark. It navigates though echoes. In fact, it can tell the size, shape and texture of even a tiny insect just from its echo. How does it do this? Well, it sends out a clicking sound through its mouth or nose and when the sound hits an object, the echo comes back. The bat figures out how near or how far the object is by the length of time between the click and the echo.

350. The kestrel can spot a tiny beetle from a height of 12 meters above the ground.


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