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Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow to go on an educational tour.

Write a letter to your father requesting him to allow to go on an educational tour.


159, Saket,

New Delhi – 65.

October 10, 2006.

My dear Dad,

Our school is organizing an educational tour during this summer break to Bombay and Goa. The tour-team consists of fifty six students and eight teachers. The school will charge only Rs.10,000 per student. It will last for ten days. I am deeply interested to join the tour. I shall meet the tour expenses, later, from my pocket money. I know you can never say no. It is an educational tour. I shall have an opportunity to see more of India.

Let me have your permission to join the tour by return post. Convey my respects to Mom. With best regards,


Your loving son,



Letter No. 02


Letter to father to allow you to join an educational tour.

Examination Hall,

A B C City

September 4, 20….

My dear Father,

My examination result card must have assured you that I have fared well. In future too I will not disappoint you.

Our school breaks up for Autumn vacation on 15th of the month. The Historical Society of our school has arranged a week’s tour of historical places starting from 16th.

We will visit Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Ujjain and Chittor. Every member is required to contribute Rs 1000. It will cover conveyance charges, railway fare and hoard and lodging expenses.

Such trips are educative, Interaction with different people does promote national integration. I know your fondness for such trips. I do hope that you will allow me to join this tour. Please send me Rs 1000 at your earliest. I am to deposit the same latest by 10th of this month.

With respect to dear mummy and love to Tinkoo. My hostel sojourn is going fine.

Yours affectionately,



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