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Biology Notes “Community and Ecosystem Dynamics” CBSE, Class 12.

COMMUNITY AND ECOSYSTEM DYNAMICS Table of Contents Definitions | Community Structure | Classification of Communities | Community Density and Stability | Change in Communities Over Time | Ecosystems and Communities | Definitions A community is the set of all populations that inhabit a certain area. Communities can have different sizes and boundaries. These are often identified with some difficulty. An ecosystem is a higher level of organization the community plus its...
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Computer is everywhere.

We are surrounded by computers. Many of us have smart-phones, sophisticated gadgets etc. ; most of us are familiar with ATM. Term Internet is known to even the school beginners. Computer controlled factories were already there, then came computer controlled cares and now computer controlled homes are reality. To analyze the impact of computers in our lives. Hey, you all know what computer is. But let us formally define it first....
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