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Reply Letter on friendship to an opponent.

Reply Letter on friendship to an opponent.

Dear Rahul

Going through your letter gave me a sense of an inferiority complex. So let me begin by sincerely apologizing for not inviting you to my party, but you deserve something much better. So, buddy, you and I on Sunday at Park Royale. Yes, my friend, you deserve nothing less than that. You consider me to be intelligent that’s your greatness chum, but look who’s more sensible, more mature and more understanding. You hands down. As for Rita, I never consider her to be my friend and here it was your misconception. Remember buddy, for the last two years, we have been fighting over our “egos”. Yes, both of us have huge egos. As a matter of fact, there have been a number of times when I wanted to approach you for friendship, but I found you to be devil-may-care-attitude and thereby refrained. On the contrary, you are a completely different person from what I visualised. O.K.! so the past is dead. Long live our friendship and believe me when I call you a friend, it is going to last a lifetime. Hey! I wonder how I’ll react when I meet you, because I’m, yet to get over the hostile meeting we have been having for the last two years. God, I’m nervous, but with you around, I’m sure we can manage it. Waiting for Sunday at Park Royale.

Your Best Buddy, Henceforth



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