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Letter from a husband to wife regarding confession.

Letter from a husband to wife regarding confession.

My Dearest Mona,

I am very sure that this letter is going to shock you, but everything depends upon you, how you take this letter. There was something which was biting my conscience for a long time and the restlessness caused thereby was mentally torturing me, so I decided to confess a guilt to you. A guilt which was more unintentional than deliberate. Yes, Reema a year back, I got friendly with my colleague. She is working in the HR. department. and soon this relationship became more intimate and I got into an affair, little realizing the after effects it will have on our relationship of the last twelve years. This affair lasted for six months and I broke up because I realised that this relationship is just physical sans emotion. I cannot make you visualise the trauma in writing this letter but at the same time, I do not want to hide anything from you. Now, whatever you decide I will have to abide by it because I’m guilty but for me you’re very precious and I’m willing to undergo any punishment in order not to lose you. I always appreciated your maturity and deft in handling difficult situations and now I’m waiting for your reply with nervousness. Although I do not deserve it, but do forgive me.

Yours Forever,



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