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Letter for friendship to an opponent.

Letter for friendship to an opponent.

Dear Ratnakar,

I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy Birthday and gift you with a token of friendship. It does not matter whether you invite me or not, but what matters is your friendly and sometimes open hostility attitude towards me, and all for a girl. What a stupidity! This is our final year in the college and no matter, we’ve had several petty and some very significant quarrels, but if you look at it deeply, we have got nothing substantial. At least, we should part amicably and take alongwith us good memories. As a student, I appreciate for your quick intelligence, but intelligence is not channelised properly can be disastrous. As an afterthought, I’ve decided to forego my acquaintance with Rita, which I do not cherish much. In the same breath I would like to inform you that this letter is not out of cowardice, as by now we know each other well, but then as a person I always believe that a relationship is very easy to break, but it takes ones to develop it. Moreover, one intelligent opponent is better than five stupid acquaintances. If you really feel the same way that I feel on this matter, then definitely let me know, however, if you feel otherwise, then don’t bother.

With Regards,



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