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Reply Letter from a friend who is a victim of constant threat.

Reply Letter from a friend who is a victim of constant threat.

Dearest Mihir,

Time and again, you have proved true the age-old adage “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Your letter literally boosted my morale and your suggestion seems quite practical otherwise, also, it is now been more than two years since our family and the winter vacation of my children has already begun. I have decided to send them to Delhi and I’ve already booked the tickets for Dec. 22, so be there at the airport. Try to be in Mumbai by Dec. 24, so that we can plan out things. In the meanwhile, these people have given me a deadline of Dec. 30 and I’ve also decided to face it out. To tell you the fact, family actually weakens an individual. When I remember the college days when both of us were big bullies, I find it so funny that today I’m being bullied. Of course, it is a different matter that you were the “bigger” bully. I’ve tried to negotiate with these people and they have also agreed to that, and this means that whoever these guys are, they seem to be amateurs. I’m still trying to find out who can be the person, near to me, who is passing all my movements. I have also decided to consult a detective agency but everything is in waiting till your arrival. Waiting for your visit to Mumbai and definitely with some adventure to follow. So long then.

Awaiting You,



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