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Letter to a friend who is a victim of constant threat.

Letter to a friend who is a victim of constant threat

Dear Dulal,

I came to know from your letter about your fear and helplessness regarding the constant threats you are getting on the telephone and in written. I will be in Mumbai very soon for a business negotiation with my exporters. It is a matter of ten days. but let me enlighten you on how to counter such a situation. As you have mentioned that there is no enmity in your business and your dealings are very fair, I have an apprehension that someone who knows you and your family quite well, is behind these threats. Remember, Dulal threat is a fear psychology on which some desperate people work, to extort money. As you have mentioned that these people can come down to fifty percent of that amount, my suggestion is that you should send your wife and children for a week or ten days, outside Mumbai. In fact, I would appreciate if they can come to Delhi, while I’m in Mumbai. Then both of us can counter this problem and yes, soon after report this matter to the police. The people threatening you have taken your wife and children to be soft targets. And in case you are chickening out, I’m there with you and I’ve lot of good contacts at high places. So, keep your cool and heed my advice, as we can fix these guys. Remember, we have been quite good fixers during the college days. Write soon and let me know your plan.

Always with you,



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