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Pte Essay on “What are the bad effects of children channels”. Shed a light on the prominent effects.

What are the bad effects of children channels. Shed a light on the prominent effects.

Essay No. 01

It is a universal fact that everything has two aspects. The television that has made the life very interesting has also some negatives effects upon the life of children. I would like to discuss the bad effects of children channels on the mental and emotional well being of the little ones.

Let’s unfold the negative side of this entertainment provider. The dominant effect of this is the impoverished health. The children who are obsessed with the idea of watching too much television are end up inviting many health problems. It impacts their eyesight as the children become addicted to television because of attractive children channels. Apart from this, some inappropriately stuff can lead them in wrong direction that can impact their moral well being.

Further building the pyramid of my thoughts, I would like to state that some channels have violence and bloodshed. The stage of childhood is very sensitive and children are vulnerable. They do not know about the deep impact of aggression. It become visibale with the passage of time and the consequences are dangerous. Moving further, it also divert their attention and make them stubborn who pester the parents to buy the stuff such as toys that are displayed in children channels.

Putting two and two together, it is plausible to state that the parents should keep an eye on the activities of children. The time should be limited and only the selected channels should be allowed to watch.


Essay No. 02


What are the benefits of children channels.Discuss elaborately.

There is no denying the fact that children are obsessed with the idea of keeping themselves glued to the digital devices. Along with new technology they are very fond of the prior invention that is television. They are taking the advantages of different things by watching the channels that are only meant for them. In the following paragraphs , I would like to discuss the benefits of children

To initiate with the first and foremost benefit, the children get their intellectual level accelerated by the medium of these channels. The competitive issues and Up-to- date matters enable them to think holistically and increase the level of their intellect. For instance, the channels display quiz, puzzle, word games and other complex matters that push the mental limits of the children. In addition to this, they learn various skills as there are many channels that teach art and craft skills. The blooming buds can excel by just sparing and utilising their minimal time in watching television.

Moving further towards the other attractive features, it is the best source of entertainment. The wards can entertain themselves even when they are alone at home because in this high time parents are busy with their jobs. Thus, the television helps them keeping the isolation away from them. Moreover, it can also help in making the life idealised by leading the children to the path of success. Some children came under the spell of famous personalities and they try to follow them that help in attaining their goals.

All in all, it is good to say that television is very effective tool in the matter of education and entertainment. The only need is to monitor the activities and choice of children while watching television.


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