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letter to your friend “Congratulationon on an Engagement”- Letter of Congratulation

Congratulations on an Engagement

Dear Vinod,

Your brother told me the great news about your engagement to Anita. It is the best news of the year percolating so far from the secret family files. I can’t tell you , my dear how pleased  your uncle and I am by the news, we have been very close to Anita’s family for years, as your know and we have always thought of him as an unusually fine and dependable young man.

I congratulate you on your good fortune and wish you both the best of everything in life.

As ever,

Rahul Sharma

Congratulations on an Engagement-2

Dear Rakesh,

I have just learned of your engagement to Sunita. All I can say is that some men have men have all the luck 11 cannot tell  you my dear, how pleased I am by this news.

Sunita is wonderful girl in every way. I have been very close to Sunita’s family for years, as you know.

The best of all good wishes to you both.




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