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Letter of Announcement “Business Announcement Letter”, complete announcement letters example.

Business Announcement Letter

This letter would be probably addressed to business clients, prospective customers, business associates, suppliers, close relatives and the interested ones to inform about any business expansion prospects, plans, venture deals etc. in short to make others know about the business in right sense.

Mr. Shrivastava

Marketing Manager

Logical Systems

M.B. Road



31st August, 2011

Subject: Inform about business expansion prospects and venture dealings

Respected Sir,

This letter as planned in relation to the subject is on behalf of Friends and Company and we are hereby pleased to inform you that we are expanding our business line to its 3rd unit in venture with Rocket Sales Corporation with the assistance and backup of very trustworthy associates like you, who have supported us from the start and in all the odds for which we are very gratified and seek the same in the near future.

As far as for the expansion plans, with the help of the 3rd unit we will be able to reach out for new so as to serve you in a more convenient method. The 3rd unit will help us in serving you with the most modern techniques and packages which will aid you accomplish your tasks even more swiftly and precisely. Hence to conclude with saying that we will be serving you with the best of our available resources and present in a better modern way.

Thanking You

Mr. Sudesh Bhise


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